Shoop wins costume contest during prelims


By Ryan Berry

GREENVILLE — It takes two nights to crown the new Miss Annie Oakley and if the second night is anything like the first night, the 2023 Miss Annie Oakley will definitely deserve the title.

Nerves of steel were on full display by the 15 contestants hoping to wear the sash and take home the trophy. Contest organizers Dennis and Shelley Soward could not be more thrilled with the action. After shooting at 65-feet, nine girls remained in the contest. In previous years, the field has been cut in half by 60 to 65-feet. Nine girls advanced to the finals on Thursday. See that story in this weekend’s Early Bird or read it online at

The preliminary round does give the festival a winner. Contestants are asked to channel Annie Oakley when dressing for the contest. The costume contest winner this year is Lexi Shoop. Shoop wore a full-length western style tan outfit with dark brown fringe and flower embroidery on the dress. She also wore a dark cowgirl hat. During the costume judging, each contestant was asked to introduce themselves and tell where they got their costume.

The contestants in the shooting contest faced a stiff breeze throughout the evening and many shooters tried to wait for the breeze to die down for a moment to take their shots. Others were able to adjust their aim to get the shot off and be successful.

Those who will not be returning for a second night of shooting are: Lona Dillman, 15, daughter of Brian Dillman and Whitney Stump, sophomore at Arcanum High School; McKenna Yant, 13, daughter of Kevin and Holly Cole, seventh grade at Greenville Middle School; Isabella Gulley, 16, daughter of Christy Gulley, junior at Greenville High School; Lauren Wright, 18, daughter of Clint and Charlene Wright, freshman at Edison State; Amber Neitzelt, 14, daughter of Tyler and Julie Neitzelt, freshman at Franklin Monroe High School; and Gracie Dietrich, 13, daughter of Jeff and Tammy Dietrich, ninth grade homeschool student.

Shooters returning for the finals include: Alexa Robinson, sophomore at Greenville High School; Samantha Beyersdorff, 14, daughter of Ryan and Teresa Beyersdorff, freshman at Greenville High School; Rachael Wright, daughter of Charlene and Cliff Wright, sophomore at Greenville High School; Brooklyn Dillman, 13, daughter of Kyle Dillman and Amber Shotz, eighth grade at Arcanum Middle School; Lexie Shoop, 15, daughter of Ashley Miller and Dick Shoop, sophomore at Franklin Monroe High School; Alia Hunt, 14, daughter of Chris and Dawn Hunt, freshman at Greenville High School; Alexa Robinson, sophomore at Greenville High School; Kiera Spencer, 15, daughter of James and Kelly Spencer, sophomore at Ansonia High School; Lexi Dillman, 13, daughter of Leslie Clark and Brian Dillman, eighth grade at Arcanum Middle School; and Kenszie Glass, 14, daughter of Kristil Wiley and Aaron Wiley, freshman at Greenville High School.

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