17,000 raised for TV Athletics


By Meladi Brewer


NEW MADISON — Schlechty’s Sports Bar and Grill hosted a Night At The Races Fundraiser for Tri-Village Athletics Saturday.

The goal of the evening was to help the young athletes and to surpass the amount raised the previous year of $14,000. During the 21 and older fundraiser, individuals were able to bet on 15 different races, participate in live and silent auctions, win 50/50 tickets, and more.

Jerry Pae with Star Racing had the crowd on their feet cheering, as his humorous commentary and high energy announcing brought the true spirit of racing. Keeping with the spirit of the theme, select individuals even dressed up as if they were at the Kentucky Derby.

Haedon Schlechty, owner of Schlechty’s Sports Bar and Grill, advised this night was a group effort, as he could not have done it without everyone else.

“I worked a lot with Shellie Francis on this. She is the Administrative Assistant at the school,” Schlechty said. “I got to give credit to her because she did do a lot.”

Francis helped organize and run the event. She announced prizes, modeled them, and took the winning pictures in the “winner’s circle”. She even helped get access to donated koozies for the evening. Francis Rentals, C&S Rentals, and Leis Realty were all highlighted on the donations.

“She worked with me. Francis donated a lot of the food items, helped organize, and it just was not possible without her,” Schlechty said.

With a packed bar, some viewers chose to stay outside and sit in lawn chairs. A TV had been set up with speakers, so they both could hear and see the races. Outside spectators were able to enjoy the sounds and vibe of the races without being in the heart of the action if they so chose.

Head Tri-Village Football Coach Matt Hopkins advised the fundraiser is a great way to benefit the athletic department as a whole whether it be uniforms or equipment. He said prices keep going up, and “this is just a great event to raise a whole bunch of money and have a whole lot of fun”.

“We appreciate those who put this on so much. I mean they have been so supportive of the school, of all the kids – every single one of them, and they’re always at every game,” Coach Hopkins said.

He said the athletic department and he appreciated everything Schlechty’s and the supporters do for them. Looking toward the season, Coach Hopkins hopes to hone in on the moral and win, but winning is not everything.

“Our kids are always just going to play super hard, and we are going to do it the right way. I think we are going to put up a few that the community can be proud of,” Coach Hopkins said.

Coach Hopkins is proud to be part of the community. Seeing everyone come together to support the student has been something he has been proud to be a part of. He spoke about the community and advised to not take it for granted.

“This is my second year here. This is just a very special community and a very special place that just rallies around the school. Not a lot of places have that, and I hope people understand just how special of a place this really is,” Coach Hopkins said.

Before the races began, a total of around $11,000 had been raised. By the end of the night, after closing, the fundraiser was able to raise $17,000 towards Tri-Village Athletics.

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