Fair board candidates need to decide


By Ryan Berry


GREENVILLE — The Board of Directors for the Darke County Agricultural Society has decided to go with precedent for those filing petitions to run for a seat as a director at this year’s fair. There had been some discussion as to whether or not the candidates would be required to choose to run for a three-year term or a two-year term. An alternative option was previously discussed that the top four voter getters would receive the three-year term and the next two would get the two-year term.

At its meeting on Wednesday, Aug. 16, Director Jim Zumbrink shared with the directors the petition the board used in 2017 when they had a similar situation with a resignation prior to the end of a term. Those running for a seat on the board were required to choose if they were running for a full term or a partial term.

The board has four seats available this year for the full three-year term and two seats available for a two-year term. The two-year term is necessary because of resignations with two years remaining on those particular seats.

The board has already received several petitions that have not indicated which seat the candidate is seeking. Since the petitions have not been certified, Laura Ahrens, fair manager, will contact the candidates to have them specify which seat they are vying for.

On Thursday afternoon, the board verified the candidates vying for the open seats.

Running for the three-year term will be Holly Daugherty, Russell Skaggs, Marla Werner, Allen Pieron, Douglas Martin, Curtis Yount, Kathleen Ditmer and Christoph Keller. Running for the two-year term are Brian Rismiller, Craig Bowman and Apollo Perez.

Director Marla Werner shared the fair has expanded its plan to include an adult changing table in the former Red Cross building at the fairgrounds. Not only has the fair received the table from Darke County Developmental Disabilities, but the area will also serve as a cooling and quiet area. She said they have the sensory room in the Fine Arts Building, and this room can’t be as sensory friendly because of the noise and light, but they will be able to make it a quiet space. They have added ramps to make the room accessible to wheelchairs and they’ve also added carpeting. Werner is working on having signs installed so fairgoers can find the building. The former Red Cross building is located north of the Grandstand.

Fair Veterinarian Preston Deeter said he is concerned with the weather during the latter part of the fair. Temperatures are expected to be around 90 degrees Monday through Wednesday. “I guess my biggest concern is making sure I’m working with all of the farm managers and making sure we have fresh water to all of the animals.” He said his biggest concern is the chickens, rabbits and hogs.

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