Commissioner approve bid for demolition


By Ryan Berry

GREENVILLE — Commissioners Larry Holmes and Marshall Combs conducted business during the regular session meeting of the commission on Thursday, Sept. 7. Commissioner Matt Aultman was absent.

Commissioners approved the bid from Mikesell Excavating to raze the property at 104 N. Main St., Hollansburg. Work could begin as soon as this weekend to tear down the structurally unsafe building. According to reports from the Village of Hollansburg that was agreed to by the Court of Common Pleas, there is an imminent risk of injury or death if this building collapses. Commissioner Aultman previously reported the building was leaning approximately seven feet.

Commissioner Holmes pointed out the county did go through the bid process, but because of the risk of the building collapsing, the process was hastened so work could begin quickly. The cost of the demolition will come from a grant the county received from the Ohio Department of Development to tear down buildings across the county. The cost of the demolition is not to exceed $47,500.

Commissioners Holmes and Combs also approved an order levying maintenance assessments on Single County Ditches within the county. According to the commissioners, this is an annual process to prepare work that will be completed on ditches in the following year. Property owners affected by ditch maintenance will have their taxes assessed according to the work that is done. The total amount that will be collected for 2024 is $362,479.39.

Property owners will be informed if their ditch is due for maintenance in 2024. They will have the option of paying the cost or having the cost assessed on their taxes. Holmes pointed out that he has not heard of any property owner choosing to pay the cost upfront.

The Commission also addressed delinquent accounts for sewer districts across the county. Those with delinquent accounts will have their property taxes assessed. The county bills sewer districts in North Star, Osgood, Yorkshire, Rolin Acres, Rossburg SubDistrict, Stillwater Golf Estates, Wayne Lakes and New Weston-Burkettsville SubDistrict. The total amount in arrears for those sewer districts is $38,097.17, which includes penalties. The Village of Pitsburg collects its own sewer district funds, but commissioners approved legislation that will allow the county to assess property owners that are delinquent.

The Darke County Commissioners meet Tuesdays and Thursdays, 1:30 p.m., at the Darke County Administration Building on South Broadway, Greenville.

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