Capturing the light and beauty around us


By Marilyn Delk


Thomas Minutolo grew up in New York State where he developed a passion for the work of the Hudson River School of landscape artists, especially Albert Bierstadt, who was known for his detailed paintings featuring luminous light; perhaps that fact provides the explanation behind Minutolo’s current desire to“capture the light” with his photographs. Although Minutolo had some experience with photography before marrying and raising a family, the X-ray technologist took up the craft in earnest in 2011; the results of his dedication to “sharing the beauty around us” will undoubtedly delight viewers attending the exhibit of Minutolo’s work currently on display at the Anna Bier Gallery, located in Henry St. Clair Memorial Hall in Greenville.

An up-close and personal view of “A Monarch in the Morning Light” richly conveys the beauty surrounding us, the winged subject enhanced by the matching colors of the blossom it has landed upon. Hanging next to that intimate image is the expansive “Sunrise Along the Seashore,” a lovely seascape transporting the viewer to a peaceful place.

Cheery flowers hang on the Gallery walls, instantly brightening spirits; “A Basket of Flowers and A Little Sunshine” joyously depicts the subject of its title while “Hanging Out In Father’s Garden” shows cheerful sunflowers in all their golden glory. The image of vibrant blossoms captured in “Prairie Climbing Roses” looks like a painting rather than a photograph. “Wildflowers in the Morning Light” depicts a field of glowing blossoms; adding an additional element to depictions of flora, “A Hummingbird Approaching a Tiger Lily” colorfully captures a magic moment.

Although the artist says that he does not do portraits, “The Welcoming Committee” features the charming portrait of two equine beauties looking over a fence, and “A Deer Posing in the Morning Light” is undoubtedly a portrait. “The Many Shades of Autumn the House Cat” captures warm shades of pink, green, and orange in a portrait of a haughty cat. Additionally, “A Red-Tailed Hawk Perched On a Fence” certainly seems like a realistic portrait of the wise, watchful raptor, and “An Eagle Perched In the Morning Light,” an interestingly off-center bird regally seated atop a tree branch, seems an apt portrait of our national bird.

Unlike the other photographs displayed, “Light Streaming Inside the Cave” was not taken outdoors; however bright light cascades in to illuminate the cavern’s walls with amazing color. “Out and About in Logan County Ohio” captures the movement of an Amish man driving his horse-drawn cart through surrounding lush landscape. Movement is also depicted in “Hiking Along the Yellow Springs Creek,” with foaming water rapidly moving through a verdant wooded area, as well as in “A Great Blue Heron Landing in the Morning Light” which shows the statuesque creature making sparkling jewel-like water splashes as he lands. With wings aflutter, “Pelicans In Flight” aptly creates the sense of watching the birds soaring just above lake waters.

“A Zebra Swallowtail Butterfly Collecting Nectar” offers a colorful backdrop to contrast dramatically with the black and white subject of its title. The feeling of renewal inspired by the arrival of Spring is brilliantly illustrated in “Easter Sunday at the Red River Gorge, Kentucky.” An inviting red barn surrounded by burnished grasses stands in back of a maple tree filled with brilliant foliage in “Autumn on the Farm.” “Sunrise Over a Field of Wheat” wonderfully offers a view of a wheat field, each of the stalks somehow exhibiting personality under a surreal rising sun. A beautiful end of the day is depicted in “Geese Resting In a Summer Sunset,” with the intense color of the sky awesomely yet serenely reflected in the water.

All of this beauty and more remains on display at the Anna Bier Gallery through Saturday, Oct. 21. The artist is eager to greet viewers at the Gallery which is open Sundays from noon until 2 p.m., as well as prior to Darke County Center for the Arts presentations at Henry St. Clair Memorial Hall. A set of Minutolo’s photographs illustrating the changing of the seasons is also on view on the second floor of Greenville Public Library.

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