Versailles boys cross country take first at Tour De Sewer


By Drew Terhall

VERSAILLES — Versailles hosted the Tour De Sewer on Sep. 23 with about 20 schools competing in the event.

For the high school boys division, Versailles took first place. Ansonia finished fourth, Greenville finished fifth and Arcanum finished ninth.

For Versailles, Tony Moorman took third place with a time of 15:28.17. Cameron Magoto took ninth with a time of 17:10.46. Zachary Rahm, Drew Meyer and Jackson Spitzer took 12th-14th with each runner clocking in at around 17:30.

For Ansonia, Matthew Lee took fifth with a time of 16:37.13. Bennett Lehman took seventh with a time of 16:54.2. Ethan Sparks took 33rd with a time of 18:15.28.

For Greenville, Trey Rammel took 11th with a time of 17:26.11. Coleman McNulty took 34th with a time of 18:15.5 and Owen Marker took 38th with a time of 18:26.38.

For Arcanum, Kolin Frazee took 37th with a time of 18:19.91. Will Beisner took 46th with a time of 18:38.58 and Malachi Wright took 52nd with a time of 18:52.7.

For Bradford, Kyree Roberts took 123rd with a time of 21:47.26. Stephen Stewart took 128th with a time of 21:55.03 and Owen Beachler took 138th with a time of 22:30.31.

For Mississinawa Valley, Daniel Hartzell took 39th with a time of 18:31.98 and Caden Hanes took 57th with a time of 19:03.55.

For the high school girls division, Versailles took second place behind Botkins. Greenville took sixth and Mississinawa Valley took eighth.

Meredith Barga took fourth with a time of 20:13.68. Corynn Goubeaux took fifth with a time of 20:29.63 and Ava Rismiller took sixth with a time of 20:58.62.

For Greenville, Ava Glass took 32nd with a time of 22:43.43. Clair Rammel finished 42nd with a time of 23:09.67 and Jenica Feitshans took 49th with a time of 23:29.56.

For Mississinawa Valley, Rachael Philiposian took 22nd with a time of 22:08.87. Ingrid Ojeda took 35th with a time of 22:45.42. Harley Hanes and Kayaa Mote took 56th and 57th respecitvely with times of 24:07.99 and 24:09.16.

For Ansonia, Olivia Creager took 20th with a time of 22:05.84. Peyton Billenstein took 47th with a time of 23:28.75 and Jenna Mosler took 107th with a time 30:02.34.

For Arcanum, Arianne Garrison took 28th with a time of 22:28.21. Shyanna Cunningham took 78th with a time of 25:46.86. Danicka Michael and Gabrielle Brown took 103rd and 105th with times of 29:29.91 and 29:42.15.

For Bradford, Savannah Beachler took 40th with a time of 23:02.44. Natalie Wood took 45th with a time of 23:16.89 and Daphne Lavey took 113rd with a time of 31:54.93.

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