Falknor is Reid Ambassador


RICHMOND, Ind. — This is a busy time for Andrea Falknor. As a project manager for Reid Health’s Information Technology Department, she’s overseeing a pair of new software installations that have been in the works for months.

“Just like in every job, some days go much smoother than others. I just try to stay organized, read information about the technology that’s part of my projects, and take notes during each meeting that I can refer to as needed,” she said. “The operational leaders at Reid and the IT analysts I work with are a wealth of knowledge, and I know I can depend on them when questions come up.”

Co-workers say Reid’s October Ambassador is skilled at keeping her project teams on track, is quick to adapt, is always willing to help when someone has a question, and she does it all with positivity.

“Andrea has every quality I would use to describe an ambassador at Reid Health,” one person said. “She sets a perfect example for Reid when attending important project meetings with our vendors. It has been my pleasure working with her.”

Born in New Paris, Falknor’s career in healthcare started as a nurse. She first went to work at Reid during the summer between finishing high school and heading off to nursing school.

“I floated all over the hospital doing a variety of things for departments that needed extra help,” she said. “Working at Reid that summer was great and gave me my first experience in a healthcare setting. I’ve loved working here from the very start.”

Falknor began her career at Reid in earnest in 1996 as a nurse working in Surgery. From there, she served in the Cath Lab and as a unit director before making the switch to Information Technology in 2010.

“Healthcare technology is fascinating to me, and it’s ever-changing,” she said. “I love being part of a dedicated, hard-working team that helps to enhance and improve the healthcare experience for our patients and their families. I’ve been very blessed during my time at Reid with the managers and directors I’ve reported to. The knowledge and guidance they’ve shared with me has made all the difference.

“My nursing education definitely helped me to learn prioritization and to help sift through the numerous things that need done so I can decide what should come first, second, or can wait until tomorrow. I keep my nursing license active, and my clinical background has been invaluable in my IT position.”

Falknor now lives in Arcanum with her husband, Jeff. The couple has four grown children, including Ashley Liette, Amanda Ernst, Krystal Wolf, and Miranda Lee. When she’s not working, Falknor enjoys reading and spending time with her family and dog, Annie, a “very active” mini-Australian shepherd.

She and Jeff go camping most weekends at Arrowhead Campground in New Paris. This summer, they enjoyed playing in cornhole tournaments, and they’ve recently started playing pickleball.

“I think Andrea is a perfect example of what a Reid ambassador should be,” a co-worker said. “She keeps everything organized and everyone on task to meet deadlines. She is very kind and patient with the team as we go through that process. We couldn’t do this without her.”

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