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Why is the tow man grumpy?


If someone came up to you and said “HEY BUDDY I HAVE A COMPLETELY BURNED (I do!) 2005 HONDA SEDAN FOR SALE FOR $300. Would you buy it?

Most people would answer with a resounding NO!

Question #2:

If you were FORCED TO PAY $300. would you be angry?

Towing companies send out a bill to the owner, and or lienholder’s receipt back US mail…most of the time the owner/lienholder doesn’t respond leaving the vehicle the problem to solve for the towing company!

This burned Honda sedan I was woken up out of the middle of the night from my warm bed…to go and clean up the roadway as I am required to do…load this filthy thing onto my truck making it a mess of ash for me to clean up later…tow it to my lot and store it FREE OF CHARGE because this is a free country the owner can do whatever he wants without any repercussion because I can’t sue someone who rents expecting to get anything in a court’s judgement (a court’s opinion basically!) against anyone who does not own property!

THEN….for me to be able to remove this car from my tow lot…I have to spend $150 to get this car on a Courts Docket…Forced to pay $100 for a legal newspaper ad (when the owner and lienholder has already received the receipt back US Mail notifying them the car is here when the Sheriff’s accident report should have been ENOUGH!)

Then to be forced by the courts to pay taxes and fees to get the title to the Burned Honda sedan to be able to remove this car from my lot to a recycling facility that will only get me less than $100. for a vehicle I was woken up in the middle of the night…cleaned the roadway…towed and stored…do by this time now 2 tows on to lose more than $200. and I did not mention the time going to the Courthouse before a Judge shutting down my small towing business to do it.

A business that costs me to insure my 3 commercial trucks with me at nearly 60 years old with a nearly perfect driving record as the ONLY DRIVER ON THE POLICY TO DRIVE THEM this state minimum policy with no replacement coverage for my trucks and I am told by my accountant that it is nearly 3 to 4 months of my income at an 8 thousand dollar premium a year to be able to drive them!

Yes…I understand most people’s aggravation when I am meeting them to tow their broken down vehicle in the roadway…but I have aggravations, too!

Jerry Means

AKA Hot Rod!


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