Brewer to run for Darke County Commissioner


DARKE COUNTY — Meladi Brewer, a Darke County native, has announced her candidacy to run for Darke County Commissioner, as a Republican, on the 2024 Primary Ballot.

“As a reporter and native, I love Darke County. It is where I grew up, and it has helped shape me into the woman I am today. We are all fortunate to live here, and I want to see our county continue towards a path of innovation and forward thinking.”

Although the ideologies within Darke County are good, Brewer believes a turnover of policies and/or decisions would allow better efficiency. She believes her background in management, bookkeeping, and reporting are assets in being more efficient.

“I don’t want the future generations to be fighting the same battles we are today, especially if we want young adults to stop moving away and continue economic growth.”

“My time covering the county for two years: commissioner, council meetings, along with courts/crimes, is part of what inspired me to run for Commissioner. As a reporter I am able to talk to community members and help raise awareness through my articles. I’m ready for my involvement to evolve.”

Brewer intends on ensuring the hard work of the auditor’s office and commissioners before her do not go to waste, as Darke County is currently 100 percent debt free besides one loan that is not allowed to be paid back ahead of time.

“I would like to work toward ensuring that we stay out of debt. When looking at the need for county wide transportation, housing infrastructure, and mental health, I want to tackle it with the idea that if the money is not guaranteed in five years, then new plans need worked out to ensure the county does not go into debt trying to keep the program running.”

Brewer believes it is important to move forward with this mindset, as she does not want taxpayers to bear the burden, nor does she want to see a much needed program be dropped affecting those who relied on it.

Being the daughter of a small, local business owner, Brewer was instilled with a strong work ethic at a young age with transparency and accountability being at the forefront of her mind. She learned the importance of following through on her word and what that meant to people.

“He always told me that nothing is ever given to you. You have to earn it through honest work and would proceed to show me through actions.”

If elected, she will bring a new generation of forward thinking and continued transparency to county business and is determined to ensure Darke County is on the right path to prepare for the future.

“We want the county to be a prosperous place where the younger generations, the ones who are going to be future lawyers, farmers, welders -those who are the future can stay and thrive”

To contact Brewer, email [email protected]. This message is brought to you by Supports of Meladi Brewer.

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