Commissioners put Electric Aggregation on ballot


GREENVILLE — The Darke County Commissioners have placed Issue #10 on the Nov. 7 ballot in the General Election. The issue deals with electric aggregation for all unincorporated areas can vote on the issue, excluding those already who have aggregation: Adams, Brown and Greenville townships.

Governmental Aggregation is an easy and effective way for a large group of consumers to save money on electric bills. According to the commissioners, by voting for electric aggregation, you will allow your elected officials to purchase electric generation.

Residents will have the option to purchase their electricity through an aggregation. There is no Fee to opt-out of aggregation program at any time. Your electric utility will continue to be AES or AEP.

All AES and AEP customers are eligible to participate. If customer is in a current agreement, they will not be included, but can join after current deal expires.

Darke Rural Electric customers are not eligible but are able to vote. There will be no change to service for Darke Rural customers. A yes vote from a Darke Rural customer will allow neighbors who are AES and AEP customers to participate in the savings program.

Once it passes, the commissioners will review competitive rates from suppliers through an RFP process. The county works with the consultants of the County Commissioners Association of Ohio.

Opt-out letters will go to eligible residents with the rate/term/supplier for the electric aggregation. Do nothing, and residents will be enrolled. They may opt out at this time without penalty.

Aggregation contracts are typically two to three years in length, and they are a fixed rate.

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