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No new taxes with levy

Dear Editor,

Darke County Park District is one of the reasons our county is great! And this levy renewal, NO NEW TAXES, will keep what we have!

Seeing people of all ages using the parks is exciting. We love that there are so many opportunities for the public to enjoy the parks. Whether it is a program, or exploring any of the 13 Darke County Parks and Bear’s Mill, another Darke Co. gem. We’ve seen the multi-use paved trails bringing in some of your state tax dollars to our community. We’ve seen improvement to various parks around the county. All 21 county village and city parks can apply for grants through the Darke County Park Improvement Grant program so everyone benefits.

The Darke Co. Park District board has proved that they good stewards of the land and our tax dollars. The parks enhance our quality of life!

Please join us in voting FOR Issue #9, the Darke Co. Parks levy RENEWAL to continue to see improvement in all parks.


Steve and Eileen Litchfield


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