Church collects Flood Buckets


GREENVILLE — During the month of October, St. John Lutheran Church, Greenville, observed “Stewardship Month” remembering how God calls them into mission within the church, community, and world. This year for Stewardship Month, they were involved with a church-wide service project; collecting Flood Buckets to go to the North American Lutheran Church Disaster Response organization. The NALC Disaster Response Team helps to coordinate relief resources in response to natural disasters around the United States.

Lori Trittschuh, the coordinator of St. John’s Safety Team which led this project, says, “We had a great response of collecting 48 buckets along with the many quilts this year! We are also very grateful for our community participation.”

Members collected essential items to fill buckets which will be going to the people in Maui, Hawaii along with a collection of 75 quilts handcrafted by the Women of the Church this year. Along with church members, some community businesses got involved with the project. Ace Hardware and Sherwin Williams of Greenville each donated 25 buckets for members to fill with the supplies for the Flood Buckets. Bruce Strobel, with Strobel Construction, allowed the church to use his trailer for storage of the buckets.

“We thank these businesses for their donations, which were a great help to our mission!” Trittschuh says.

St. John has been collecting these Flood Buckets for the last several years, with many members excited for the opportunity to get involved in serving people in need. Years ago, some of the flood buckets sent to the NALC Disaster Response organization even served people closer to home in East Palestine, Ohio. St. John hopes to continue to expand their support of this ministry in years to come. If you would like to learn more about St. John Lutheran Church and their ministries you can view their website at They worship every Sunday at 9 a.m.

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