The Wayne Theatre to host Premiere and Grand Opening


By Meladi Brewer

GREENVILLE — After two years of construction, The Wayne Theatre prepares for grand opening the weekend of Nov. 17.

Owner Mike Jones bought the theater with the community in mind, and it has truly been a family affair as his kids have joined in on the renovations and planning.

The Grand Opening will take place on on Nov. 17 and carry on through that whole weekend with the viewing of “The Marvels”, and on Saturday, Jones has worked out viewing times to end the movie in time for the community to enjoy the Hometown Holiday Horse Parade. The next movie will not be shown until after the parade concludes.

“That’s the reason why we started the theater. We wanted to help the community, help downtown out, and the overall goal is to support the community,” Jones said.

He said movie theaters are not a good investment if you want to make it big, as there is “a very limited amount of income,” but the community needed a theater. He said all ages will be able to utilize the space. For teenagers, it is easier for them to go “hey a bunch of guys and I are going to meet at the theater” instead of asking a girl out directly, having to ask a guardian to take you, and then having the awkward drive where the parent is staring.

“It would be highly embarrassing, so this is a lot nicer. Plus, we got moms and dads who just had their kids, it’s been six months with the baby, and what do they do?” Jones said.

He said for first time parents especially, having had his own personal experiences, it would be beneficial to have a theater in town, so worried parents would be able to be near to their babies without too much stress.

“They could go out to eat, pop into grandma and grandpas, nurse or just check in, and then go enjoy a movie,” Jones said. “They don’t have to go out of town, and it isn’t a major ordeal.”

Not only thinking about the teenagers and the parents, Jones said that “grandma and grandpa” don’t have to drive too far out of of town, especially at night.

“You know you have a bunch of idiot drunk drivers on the road at 12 o’clock at night, and they don’t like to drive at night very much because the headlights.” Jones said. “There are a lot of good benefits to the community.”

This theater will be a good addition to downtown Greenville, as the community and county alike can relax and enjoy it. Jones said a big part of why he opened it was to help local businesses. During the holidays, Jones said they can display Christmas shows, and parents can drop their children off while getting some holiday shopping done without “having to worry about bored children.”

“I had six kids: five boys and a girl, so I know exactly what happens. I’ve had it all,” Jones said. “I thought this can really make an impact.”

He said it was a substantial investment, but Jones believes it will be well worth it. Speaking to his children, Jones told them to not think he is investing to make a profit. He said “if he breaks even, he would be happy.”

“It’s that the benefit for the community that I’m shooting for; I’m hopping will be well received,” Jones said.

The Wayne Theater offers 36 recliner chairs and 120 rockers for enjoying one full screen of entertainment. It’s the best of both world for the preferred viewing experience. Jones’s goal was to ensure the experience was clean and affordable. Recliner tickets are $10 for adults and $9 for children. For the rocker chairs, tickets run at $8 for adults and $7 for children.

You can book a ticket online at, via phone at 937-459-5700, or in person at the ticket booth. Jones says the theater has been equipped with the best movie projector in the industry, and there is top of the line sound to ensure customers have the best viewing experience.

With all the renovations, everything in theater is new and improved. Jones says the theater will pride itself on being clean and presentable at all times, as it will be a priority.

“Over the last two years, I have had a lot of people ask how they could help to offset costs, and I didn’t feel comfortable. I wanted to be able to be able to come in after we were done,” Jones said.

He said his son presented the idea of having a Premiere on the first night like they do in Hollywood or New York for something fun to do.

The Premiere for The Wayne Theatre that will be on Nov. 16 at 6:30 pm, and will transport you to a night in the big city. There will be catered food from Beanz and Montage, non-alcoholic drinks, The Wayne coasters and party favors, and each ticket holder will have their name on a special plaque in the lobby. In light of the third movie the theater will premier, “Wonka”, they will also be handing out golden tickets.

The cost to attend the event is $250 per seat, and they are showing “The Marvels”. Anyone interested in purchasing tickets for the Premiere can text 937-417-4158.

To contact Daily Advocate Reporter Meladi Brewer, email [email protected].

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