Lineage Families inducted


GREENVILLE — Darke County Genealogy Inc. held its Lineage Families inductions on Nov 5 at the County Extension Office meeting room on Wagner Avenue, Greenville. There were three members who added to their Lineage Families and one member who is new to Lineage Families.

These are: Karen Cook Besecker, Diane Brittenham, David Mark Kepler, and the new lineage member is Ronald Lynn Besecker. To get into Lineage Families you must belong to Darke County Genealogy and prove your ancestor was in Darke County by: Pioneer 1817-1830, First Families 1831-1850, Civil War Ancestor 1861-1865, Century Ancestor 1850 to present, minus 100 years. The 2023 recipient of the Toni Seiler Award is Nancy Stump. She is a long time member of Darke County Genealogy and a recently retired employee of the Research Center at Garst Museum.

Ancestors Inducted

Karen Cook Besecker

Marguerite F. Broughman Wood-Century Ancestor 1899 Clisba Daniel Wood- Century Ancestor 1918 Cora Fitzgerald McKay- Century Ancestor 1873 George B. Broughman- Century Ancestor 1898

Flavious Josephus Fitzgerald- Century Ancestor 1870 Sophia Ann Baum Fitzgerald- Century Ancestor 1857 Thomas Fitzgerald- Century Ancestor 1870 Sarah Elizabeth Raines Fitzgerald- Century Ancestor 1870 Frederick Christian Baum- Century Ancestor 1857 Edith Elizabeth Wood Cook- Century Ancestor 1922 Robert Lee Cook- Century Ancestor 1921 Flavious Josephus Fitzgerald- Civil War Ancestor 1864 Thomas Fitzgerald- Civil War Ancestor 1861-1862

Diane Brittenham

William Randolph Harris- First Family 1843 James Riley Bruner- Century Ancestor 1870 Simon P. Bruner- Century Ancestor 1870 Nelle Bruner- Century Ancestor 1909 Mary Devers Bruner- Century Ancestor 1870 Edith M. Borger Bruner- Century Ancestor 1870 Harriet Edith Staight Brittenham- Century Ancestor 1914 Charles Curtis Staight- Century Ancestor 1860 Ora Staight- Century Ancestor 1881 Harriet Replogle Staight- Century Ancestor 1860

David Mark Kepler

Kathryn Susetta Condon Kepler-Century Ancestor 1908 Elwood Elsworth Condon- Century Ancestor 1880 Susetta Baker Condon- Century Ancestor 1869 Mary Marshall Crawford- Century Ancestor 1870 Rosella Blanche Delaplane Blumenstock- Century Ancestor 1911 Joshua Delaplane #2- Century Ancestor 1889 Ulysses Grant Delaplane- Century Ancestor 1870 Joshua Delaplane #1- Century Ancestor 1870 Alexander Crawford- Century Ancestor 1870 Zua Ann Crawford Delaplane- Century Ancestor 1870 Talba Gertrude Moist Delaplane- Century Ancestor 1895 Oscar C. Moist- Century Ancestor 1877 Samuel D. Rose- Century Ancestor 1860 Josephine Rose Moist- Century Ancestor 1858 Alexander Crawford- Century Ancestor 1870 Julia Ann Bobenmyer- Century Ancestor 1860 John Frederick Bobenmyer- Century Ancestor 1860 Christina Ann Klein Bobenmyer-Century Ancestor 1858 Carl Emerson Blumenstock- Century Ancestor 1903 George Blumenstock- Century Ancestor 1860

Michael Blumenstock- Century Ancestor 1860 Rose Anna Belle Allread Blumenstock- Century Ancestor 1870 Margaret Sluterbeck Blumenstock-Century Ancestor 1860

Frederick Allread- Century Ancestor 1870 Nancy Gates- Century Ancestor 1870 Jacob B. Baker- First Family 1850 Elias Baker- First Family 1850 Henry J. Baker Sr.- First Family 1850 Sarah Ann Root Baker- First Family 1850 Mary Jane (Baker) Baker- First Family 1850 Elizabeth Poe Baker- First Family 1850 Samuel (Rute) Root- First Family 1850 Susanna Friend Root- First Family 1850 Harriett Ann DeCamp Delaplane- First Family 1850 William DeCamp Sr.- Pioneer Family 1817 Isabella Thorne DeCamp- Pioneer Family 1817 Joshua Delaplane #1- Civil War Ancestor 1862-1864

Ronald Lynn Besecker

George Freemont McGriff- Century Ancestor 1861 Elizabeth Flory McGriff- Century Ancestor 1870 John Valentine McGriff- Century Ancestor 1861

Michael Flory- Century Ancestor 1870 Hannah Wogoman Flory- Century Ancestor 1870 Ray Besecker- Century Ancestor 1896 Ruth McGriff Besecker- Century Ancestor 1897 Ozro Besecker- Century Ancestor 1876 Elnora B. Anderson Besecker- Century Ancestor 1875 Fannie Markley Besecker- Century Ancestor 1879 George McGriff- Pioneer Family 1837 Jane Doty McGriff- Pioneer Family 1820 Frazy Doty- Pioneer Family 1820 Martha Mills Doty- Pioneer Family 1820 Henry Baker- First Family 1850 Elizabeth Poe Baker- First Family 1850 Mary Madalena Schaar McGriff Cromer- First Family 1839 Oliver Besecker- First Family 1850 Joseph Besecker- First Family 1850 Julianna Baker Besecker- First Family 1850 John Valentine McGriff- Civil War Ancestor 1862-1863 George McGriff- Civil War Ancestor 1862-1864

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