Weather cooperates with mural installation


By Ryan Berry

GREENVILLE — The second mural planned for Greenville was originally scheduled to coincide with the 97th anniversary of Annie Oakley’s death. High winds and cooler temperatures forced the Main Street Greenville Mural Committee to postpone. Moving toward the middle of November and the uncertaintity of the weather, it appeared the second mural might need to wait until spring. Fortunately, temperatures were projected to be in the low 60s on Wednesday with little wind, and the committee immediate made plans to install the mural.

The newsest mural is on the Sure Shot Tap House and looks out over YOLO Park at the corner of Martin and South Broadway Streets and is cleary visible from the Annie Oakley Park across the street. The mural also can easily be seen from Martin Street and Washington Avenue.

The 15’ x 20’ mural features a modern take on Annie Oakley. Artist Tim Wells, of Timothy Wells Arts Consulting, took original photos of Annie Oakley to design the mural.

Once again, the committee had plenty of help to install the mural. Joe Wintrow, of Wintrow Signs, donated his labor to install the mural that was printed by his business on vinyl. The vinyl installed directly on top the brick, which gives the mural a textured look.

Wintrow also had help with the installation from the City of Greenville and Fitzwater’s Outdoor Maintenance. This is the second community project that Fitzwater’s and the city has contributed to this week. They both assisted with the city’s installation of the Christmas Tree at Annie Oakley Park.

The area of the building to be used was power washed in advance by Austin Spencer of Roof Maxx. City staff, Rob Weyant and Wes Wirrig, helped with taping off the area on the building where the mural is installed.

According to Eileen Litchfield, committee member, two additional murals are planned for spring 2024 as part of phase one of the committee’s goal to install murals in Greenville. The committee continues to look at buildings and mural designs to decide what will be next.

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