District Nine volleyball award winners and seniors honored at all-star event


By Drew Terhall


TROY — The District Nine Volleyball Senior All-Star game and awards ceremony took place at Troy High School on Nov. 15. Everyone, from freshmen to seniors, were given their District Nine awards for their performance all season long.

The ceremony was followed up with the senior all-star game. Four teams competed against each other in a round robin only going one set.

Multiple Darke County athletes were honored throughout the event. Nine local seniors played in the game with many underclassmen being honored.

Divisions I, II and III were broken up into two teams as Division IV was broken up into two teams as well.

On one team, Arcanum teammates Katie Sharp and Haley Smith got to share the court one last time together. Sharp said her senior year was one that meant a lot to her. For Smith, she said it was a special year for her and it was fun competing against the different seniors from the different schools.

“This senior year was super special for me. I’ve played with all the seniors ever since seventh grade. Being able to be here with Haley, someone I’ve played with for many years now, is special to me,” Sharp said. “Being able to see a whole bunch of other girls that I also grew up with from other teams strive to be here is something special to me.”

“Growing up with everyone and seeing how far along they’ve is something really special that I will cherish. Everything that I’ve gotten to do and all the opportunities I’ve been given from this sport and then being here, it was honestly an honor,” Smith said.

On another team, Greenville senior Skylar Bryson represented the Lady Wave. She said it was an amazing senior year and was honored to selected for this event. She’s going to miss being with her team and being with her coaches.

“I’m going to miss Jim and Michelle, they’ve been my coaches since I’ve been in high school and my JO coach. I’ll miss the whole team and team bonding,” Bryson said.

Along with Bryson were Versailles teammates Brooke Briscoe and Tori Tyo. Both enjoyed getting to spend time bonding with their new teammates their senior year. The all-star game was a great way to end their high school volleyball careers.

“It was super fun. It’s definitely different not playing with your sibling for me, but it was fun to step up and make relationships with younger players. Get to really start a whole different unit,” Briscoe said.

“We really connected as a volleyball family this year. Just all of us connecting inside the locker room and outside. It was just really fun and such an honor to be here,” Tyo said

On one of the Division IV teams, Ansonia teammates Maddie Buckingham and Addie Marker got to play together one last time. Both will remember the memories their senior year gave them.

“It was really nice. My senior year was definitely something to remember. It was something I really enjoyed,” Buckingham said.

“(I’m going to miss) the atmosphere and the friends, all of my senior friends that I’m not going to be able to play with anymore,” Marker said.

On the same team, Mississinawa Valley teammates Kenzea Townsend and Brenna Price got to also play together in the event. Both enjoyed the moment and getting to end their volleyball season in a fun way.

“It was amazing to be able to come, I had a lot of fun with friends, made new friends and got to play with Brenna again. It was super cool, a great way to end the season,” Townsend said.

“I was kind rusty coming out, but it was fine. It was fun, got to play with a new team. We just had fun together,” Price said.

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