Commission approves sites for revitalization


By Ryan Berry

GREENVILLE — With additional funds available from the first round of demolition and site revitalization in the county, Commissioner Matt Aultman declared the first round of funding from the Ohio Department of Development (ODD) could clear more than 32 properties when the funding is finally depleted.

Commissioners Aultman, Larry Holmes and Marshall Combs approved a second list of properties to be addressed with the remaining funds from the first round.

According to Aultman, many of the properties are old farmhouses that have had no maintenance and have deteriorated over time. Once of the properties is a house that had been destroyed by fire. The 11 properties sent to ODD for approval are located from one end of the county to the other.

The properties include 209 N. Miami St., Bradford; 850 Braffetsville-North Road; 128 W. Union St., Hollansburg; 200 N. Main St., Hollansburg; 1298 U.S. Route 36; 4096 Richmond-Palestine Road; 935 Peters Road; 1132 Verona-Pitsburg Road; 4857 Delisle-Fourman Road; 7189 Delisle-Fourman Road; and 12862 U.S. Route 127.

Aultman pointed out that new housing is already being erected on some of the properties that were completed in the early part of the demolition and revitalization that took place.

The county has already applied for another $500,000 grant to complete additional projects. They are still collecting addresses for the next round. Aultman shared there is a possibility that some mobile homes could be part of the upcoming program. If the mobile home is without its wheels and is permanently placed, there is a possibility it could be included in the second round.

For more information on the program and if your property would qualify, contact the Darke County Commissioners office at 937-547-7370.

In other business, commissioners approved the recommendation of EMA/LEPC Director Mindy Saylor to have Burton Planning Services update the county Hazard Mitigation Plan. The county was awarded the FY22 Building Resilient Infrastrcture and Communities (BRIC) Grant to the fund the update. According to Saylor, the project will be funded 100 percent through the BRIC Grant. The cost is $22,390.

Saylor also pointed out the plan will be expanded. The current plan primarily delt with weather emergencies. The updated plan will include items such as cyber security.

The Darke County Commission meets Tuesdays and Thursday, 1:30 p.m., at the Darke County Administration Building.

To contact Daily Advocate Editor Ryan Berry, email [email protected].

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