Lunch at the YMCA with a guest speaker


GREENVILLE — The YMCA regularly hosts carry-in lunches for senior members. This month’s guest speaker at our Greenville branch was Greenville Police Chief Eric Roberts.

Roberts spoke to the group about safety for seniors and talked about how telephone scams have gotten very sophisticated. He described several scam scenarios where the voice on the phone sounds like a relative asking for money, and said that citizens should never disclose bank information over the phone.

He also talked about Greenville’s police force, saying they are a young department but he is proud to have them and looks forward to continuing to develop the department, and said they are always looking to hire the right people to fill positions. He also said he welcomes feedback from the community, good or bad, about interactions with officers.

He also showed a photo of Greenville’s first K9 officer, which will be helpful to search for people or illegal drugs.

Sam Casalano, YMCA CEO, expressed his appreciation for the police force and said, “We are grateful to have such caring and dedicated local law enforcement to help keep the community safe.”

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