New downtown business seeks sustainable lifestyle


By Meladi Brewer

GREENVILLE – Sustainability is at the forefront The Backyard Botanicals business motto, as they work to support and educate on the powers of herbs we can find in our own backyard.

Owner Andrea Hodge originally went to college to be a landscape designer and had the opportunity to experience numerous avenues of business and warehousing along the way. She said she was never satisfied with it.

After experiencing the busy pressures of city life, Hodge moved back home so she could live a more natural, sustainable lifestyle. She began researching natural health care and making her own personal care items: toners, soap, natural care items, and lip balms. It wasn’t until Hodge started to give the products away as gifts that she realized she could make a business out of it.

“I was nervous to start selling them though because there are a million lotions and lip balms already out in the market,” Hodge said. “Then I started getting into herbalism.”

Hodge discovered that the plants we encounter on an everyday basis could be utilized in the products to make them natural and eco-conscience. It was this discovery that paved the way for The Backyard Botanicals.

“There are just so many things in our life in the modern world that are just poisoning us and causing cancer,” Hodge said. “There are lots of ways you can get those chemicals and cancer causing substances out of your life.

She said the number one cause of death is heart disease, and it is about to be overtaken by cancer. By taking control over one’s life and making sustainable decisions is a way to support a healthier lifestyle.

With 150 different herbs on the shelves, Hodge has created a store she wishes she had because she always had to piece things together. At The Backyard Botanicals, customers can come in and buy an ounce or two to test without committing to bulk packaging.

She also offers educational books that will be on sale Black Friday weekend, local honey, essential oils, carrier oils, butters, waxes, salts, magnesium flakes, organic virgin castor oil, tinctures, and incense that are infused with essential oils.

Hodge is working on obtaining the title of clinical herbalist by next year in order to consult customers to recommend herb, teas, or other combinations to help support the in depth needs.

“With herbalism, the consultant will do a full in take with a person. A normal doctor will ask you if you have broken a bone or had surgery, we will look at your energetics, if you’re moist or dry, or if you run hot or cold and make the best recommendations,” Hodge said.

She said she feels with herbalism, the person is divided into more “whereas modern medicine says here is a pill that will take care of that”. In the future, Hodge would like to host educational classes to help those seeking herbal, natural alternatives to come learn about this form of sustainable living.

To make sure my products are as eco-friendly as possible, Hodge’s packaging and shipping materials are recyclable or compostable. Customers are encouraged to bring in reusable containers to buy products in to help eliminate single use waste.

To learn more, visit, follow The Backyard Botanicals on Facebook, or find them on Instagram at Herbalist in the Backyard.

To contact Daily Advocate Reporter Meladi Brewer, email [email protected].

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