Pence honored by other woodworkers


By Ryan Berry

ANSONIA — Woodworkers have a common bond and that was never more evident on Saturday during the Ansonia Lumber Wooden Toy Contest. Prior to the start of the event, the woodworkers honored one of their own for his military service.

A few months ago, two of the woodworkers participated in the Darke County Veterans Services trip to Washington, D.C. Kenny Pence and John Burnett were on that trip together.

On that trip, Pence was selected to lay the wreath at the tomb of the unknown soldier. To recognize this honor, Burnett acquired the picture of Pence laying the wreath and built a frame for the picture.

Other woodworkers and guests at the toy contest were invited to sign the frame. Burnett said he wanted to honor Pence because he has made great toys and been part of the woodworking group for a long time and because he is a veteran.

Pence downplayed the honor when asked how he was chosen to lay the wreath. He said, “I was the oldest one in the group.”

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