Fair elaborates on proposed building


By Ryan Berry


GREENVILLE — After the Darke County Agricultural Society’s announcement they will be building a new building on the Darke County Fairgrounds this year, the Daily Advocate/Early Bird is learning new information about the building.

The Society’s board of directors announced on Jan. 2 that Bruns Construction has been awarded the contract to build a new community center that will house the dog department for both junior fair, open show and exhibition during the fair. The community center will be available throughout the year to individuals and community organizations.

The building will be built with funds from a state grant, Cargill donation, individual donations and funds raised from the dog department. The building is expected to be just over 11,000 square feet.

Director Jim Zumbrink announced during the fair board meeting on Wednesday, Jan. 10 that he had hoped to have the new plans available that night, but because of the changes the board has asked for, the plans and cost were taking longer to develop.

Although they did not advertise for bids, the directors did seek bids from six different companies from the original plans the board had submitted. According to Zumbrink, they received bids back from two of the six companies. Some of the companies didn’t believe they could fit it into their schedule. However, Bruns Construction submitted the lowest bid on the original plans, which is why the board chose to go with them.

Zumbrink did share the location of the building has been staked out, but there is a possibility it could move to the east a little. The building is currently staked out where the mobile restrooms previously stood. The building is expected to be located east of the Fine Arts Building and Ohio Center. Part of the building will be on the parcel where Greenville Farm Power of the Past has its display during the fair. In order to fit it in that location, the board will have to take some of the trees down.

“We’re really just finishing up the inside of it. I thought I might have it by this evening, but we changed some things,” Zumbrink said. He is hoping to have the price and the plans ready by the board’s meeting in February.

Zumbrink noted this will not be a cheap building. “We’re trying to make this a nice building,” he said. The board wants the building to last for a hundred years. Director Curtis Yount added, “If someone gets married at the Gazebo, they can have the reception at the community building.” Zumbrink expressed the need for restrooms in that area of the fairgrounds and pointed out this building will have restrooms. The building will also have a kitchenette.

Because the board is using state grant money to assist with the project, the final price will reflect the cost of being required to pay the prevailing wage.

Although there is a possibility the board could have received an extension to use the state grant, Zumbrink admitted that Cargill is pushing for a building to be built. “They are in complete agreement that it can be an education center/community center.”

The fair board is hoping to break ground and begin building in late winter or early spring.

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