Ansonia Police Chief is ahead of the curve


By Meladi Brewer

ANSONIA — Police Chief John Puckett thanked the community for their support as he continues to make strides in Ansonia.

“First off I want to thank the mayor, council, and everyone for their continued support. It has been very helpful,” Chief Puckett said.

The body cameras have come in and were put to use immediately, and Puckett says they are great. He brought the Charger to get an estimate for new tires, as he says it is a necessity, especially for safety during the winter months.

“They are getting a little bald and are weather broke up, so I am waiting to see how much that is going to cost,” Chief Puckett said.

Chief Puckett presented the council with a copy of the Ohio Basic Code and asked them to consider adopting it as a basis for how the law is enforced within the Village.

“We can use it for our traffic and some of our low level criminal offenses,” Chief Puckett said.

Currently the village law is imposed by ordinances and the state (ORC). The Ohio Revised Code will be used for anything that is potentially “jail-able”, but the Ohio Basic Code would be adopted to for anything lesser.

“The courts recognize the Ohio Basic Code a little better than they do village ordinances,” Chief Puckett said.

By using the OBC, a portion of any fine imposed by the courts as a punishment for the crime, should come back to the village as well. For fines associated with violating an ordinance, there are no profited gains. Ordinances will not be replaced by the OBC, but it would replace the basic ordinances for speed or like thereof.

“The municipal court has the OBC, and I think it would be very beneficial to the village if we followed the OBC for any light criminals and traffic,” Chief Puckett said.

The council voted to move to adopt the OBC into the village, and an ordinance will be drafted and voted on at the next meeting. Chief Puckett also advised the council the Drug Test Kits have come in and they are “really nice”. He says they are accurate, and they can be done on scene.

“These are really nice, but I can get everything by taking a little strip, getting a dab, sticking it in the device, opening my phone, scanning it, and it will tell me exactly what is in there including the chemical make up,” Chief Puckett said. “I used them in Logan County, and they are fantastic.”

The safety committee had met with Chief Puckett to discuss expectations and things the committee would like to see, and Mike Hackler advised “Chief Puckett is ahead of the curve.” as he is already chasing the list down.

“The chief and I have been working a lot to get things straightened around,” Mayor Ted Adkins said. “He is doing a heck of a job is all I can say.”

The mayor agreed with Hackler that Chief Puckett is ahead of the curve, and the council agreed Chief Puckett is doing the things the council had “always talked about but never got done.”

Mayor Ted Adkins was sworn in for another term by Mike Hackler before the Tuesday meeting. He swore to support the Constitution of The United States of America, The Constitution of the State of Ohio, and the Laws of the State of Ohio, and to faithfully, honestly, and impartially, discharge the duties of mayor for the Village of Ansonia, Ohio.

The Council of the Village of Ansonia meet on the first and third Tuesday of each month at 7 p.m. in the Council Chambers, 100 West Canal Street. All council meetings are open to the public.

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