DD Month proclaimed in the county


GREENVILLE — March is National Developmental Disabilities Awareness Nonth, a time to raise awareness about the inclusion of people with developmental disabilities in all facets of community life and the work that remains to remove barriers to community living.

Developmental disabilities are a group of conditions due to an impairment in physical, learning, language or behavior areas. Darke DD currently serves over 475 people, ranging in age from bilh to over 80 years of age, and employs 25 full-time staff.

Darke County residents with developmental disabilities must have the opportunity to lead full lives, fostering independence and productivity in our communities, with access to employment, housing, education, and recreation. Darke DD is committed to helping people reach their full potential through meaningful connections.

“Developmental Disabilities Awareness Month is a time to spread, awareness about inclusion. People with developmental disabilities are accomplishing amazing things. Our goal is to continue to break any and all barriers, while spreading the important message that all people are valued. Awareness of the barriers people with disabilities sometimes face in participating in the community, and how we can each support their broader inclusion, is key to a more diverse and equitable community. Darke DD will soon be announcing several exciting community projects that will help to break some barriers to community accessibiIit:y and inclusion for all,” said Tonya Clark, Darke DD Superintendent.

According to the proclamation, March is recognized nationwide as Developmental Disabilities Awareness Month and the Darke County Board of DD and the community seek to commemorate progress toward improving the lives of people with developmental disabilities, while also highlighting the challenges that remain in achieving a community that fully includes people with developmental disabilities. The proclamation calls on Darke County residents to acknowledge the barriers and challenges that can keep people with developmental disabilities from realizing their full potential at school, work, home and in their communities. It encourages the community to empower people with developmental disabilities to live their best lives by allowing them to explore possibilities for their lives by maximizing independence, community participation, employment and economic self-sufficiency.

Join Darke DD in celebrating all types of abilities by making a difference in our community. Together, we can help people of all abilities live their best lives.

Visit www.darkedd.org or learn more about the services and supports provided by the Darke County Board of Developmental Disabilities. Also, like the Darke County Board of Developmental Disabilitie Facebook page to get important updates, see success stories and find ways to get involved.

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