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By Meladi Brewer

Feb. 9

DRUGS: At 2 p.m. School Resource Officers at the Greenville High School were made aware of a student who was found in possession of a THC vape pen. Another male student filed a complaint to officers that he and another juvenile, 15-year-old male, had got high in the high school media center bathroom. The 15-year-old juvenile was asked to empty his pockets, and a THC vape pen was removed from his jacket. The 15-year-old said the pen was not his, but he was issued a citation for possession.

Feb. 11

THEFT: At 2:13 p.m. officers made contact with an officer in the parking lot of a residence in the 200 block of North Main Street in reference to the theft of his bike. An unknown suspect had removed the male victim’s bag from the bike and left it on the ground. There are no suspects at this time.

Feb. 12

UNRULY JUVENILE: At 9:58 a.m. officers responded to an unruly juvenile complaint at the 5000 block of State Route 49. Previously officers had observed a 16-year-old female walking in the area of US 127 and US 36, and she advised them of her name and that she was running away. Officers transported her back to the listed residence, and her parents were contacted. The female was to be at school, and she advised she had rode the bus to the school that day but never went inside. She had left without permission, is on juvenile probation, she was cited for unruly juvenile, released to her father, and the juvenile’s probation officer was informed of the matter.

Feb. 13

DISORDERLY: Officers were dispatched to the 400 block of West Street on a harassment complaint. The male complainant advised every time his neighbors walk past his house they will yell profanity. He also stated that vehicles treat his street like a race track, and he is very upset. He was informed officers could increase patrol in the area, and they would be speaking to his neighbor. The complainant’s female neighbor advised officers no one in the household has been walking by yelling things at the male, and officers told them that if it is them or if they know who it is to stop doing it.

VANDALISM: At 1:38 p.m. officers were dispatched to the 100 block of Deshler Avenue in reference to a vehicle being vandalized. The male victim advised the night prior an officer had taken a report that the front and back windows of his vehicle were damaged with rocks. He stated that he was cleaning his vehicle and noticed there was sugar dumped into his fuel tank. Pictures were taken of the sugar in and around the fuel tank and added to this report.

VANDALISM: At 2:45 p.m. officers assigned to the Greenville High School were notified of a student that damaged the automatic door on the main entrance of the high school. The student was escorted to the SRO Office, and the male juvenile stated he was pulling on the door when the automatic door arm broke off. He did not mean to break the door. Upon further investigation, it was shown on security cameras that the juvenile had activated the automatic handicap door. While the door was extended into the open position, he was seen pulling and pushing on the door forcibly causing the top door arm to bend until it snapped. At this point, the male juvenile is confronted by the principle and escorted to the office. A service repair estimate came in around $3,327.83 due to the damage sustained from the male’s actions. The male was cited for criminal mischief, and his grandmother was notified.

Feb. 16

VANDALISM: At 9:59 a.m. officers were dispatched to the 600 block of Martin Street in reference to a report of vandalism to a vehicle. The female victim showed officers a rear window, the driver side window, and the driver side back windows had all been damaged. It appeared the damage was inflicted to the vehicle by a heavy object due to the type and extent of the damage inflicted to the vehicle. There are currently no leads or suspects in the case.

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