By Meladi Brewer


Feb. 7

THEFT: The Greenville Police Department investigated a theft complaint that occurred at the 200 block of Central Avenue. The male victim stated he had received a Facebook message from Mark Barberine on Jan. 6th advising he owned a shop in Dayton, but lived in Greenville and informed the victim he could use his services in the future. The victim does automotive pinstriping. Barberine asked the victim if he needed any repairs or custom paintwork done to which the victim advised he had a motorcycle he’d like to have painted. Barbarine quoted the victim $2,500 and requested a $1,000 down payment that day or the following. The victim had not heard from Barbarine since making the down payment, and he reached out saying he wanted to cancel the job and get a refund on Jan. 25th. It was advised that due to the weather and cold temperatures that the bike wasn’t done because he deemed it unsafe. The victim advised Barbarine he had learned of his reputation and began reading reviews seeing the same pattern with his jobs and explaining to him that it was best to cancel the job and get his money back. Barberine replied in his message that they are moving forward with the job since he had already invested the deposit on product, time inspecting, doing the estimate, along with design and thought. Barberine talked the victim into letting him get the bike to him the following week. On Jan. 30 Barberine told the victim his motorcycle was going to be towed and the address would appear on the receipt instead of just telling him. There was no contact from the towing company. On Feb. 8 Barberine contacted the victim stating the company had tried to reach him multiple times, and the victim said he had one missed call from them on that morning. The victim had also stated that it had been a month since his deposit and nothing was getting done, so he wasn’t comfortable with following through on the job and requested his money back. Barberine agreed to cancel the job and told the victim he would make payments to repay his deposit, however, no payments have been received. Felony theft charges have been filed against Barberine for theft by deception.

Feb. 15

DRUGS: At 5:47 p.m. officers observed a male subject operating a bicycle westbound on Walker Street near Washington Avenue. Officers observed a traffic violation and made a traffic stop on the bicycle. Through investigation an illicit substance was located on the subject. Joseph Braun was found with a baggy of an unknown substance that he advised was cocaine. This case will be presented to the Darke County Grand Jury pending lab results.

Feb. 20

THEFT: On Feb. 20th an update to an ongoing case was submitted in regards to Barberine failing to finish the golf cart bodies or return them to the victim. On Dec. 5, 2023 the Greenville Police Department investigated a theft complaint that occurred at Barberines Custom Works LLC. The male victim stated that in October 2021 he had 10 golf cart bodies taken to Barberine’s to have them repaired and painted. The ten bodies were supposed to make seven complete bodies. The owner, Mark Barberine, was given a $2,100 cash deposit. The victim has made numerous attempts to contact Barberine and get his gold cart bodies to no avail over the course of 2022. On Nov. 10, 2022, the victim told the owner it had been 384 days since this job was to be completed. The owner had sent numerous messages back in April stating he would “have these carts completed for the victim next week, no excuses.” There were numerous unanswered messages, date push backs, and cancellations between that time and 2024. The police report in February 2024 said Barberine had knowingly deprived the victim of both his property as well as the services he paid for. Felony charges of theft by deception were submitted on Feb. 26.

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