Junior Grange gives books to hospital


GREENVILLE — Darke County’s Stelvideo Junior Grange is currently 25 members strong with leaders Susan Gunckle and co-leader Holly Clopp. On Monday, March 4 they delivered over 600 books to Dayton Children’s Hospital and were welcomed by Kelly Rhodehamel, Children’s Hospital Director of Volunteer Services. This is the fifth year of completing a book drive making their total number of books donated to 2,045.

The community project began in 2020 with a donation of 233 books, in 2021 it grew to 335 books, 2022 they donated 460 books and in 2023 total donated was 409 and this year 2024 was a whopping 608 books.

The Jr. Grange members, their parents and advisors celebrated the day with a Pizza Party at Marion’s Piazza in Troy. Also in attendance for the book presentation at Children’s were Jr. Grange 2024 Royalty: Ohio State Princess Dessie Wolf, Ohio State Princes Calen Clopp, and Ohio State Little Mr. Brandon Davis, all from Stelvideo Junior Grange. The advisors report that they plan on continuing the legacy by having a book drive again next year.

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