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Trusted public servant

Dear Editor:

In my role as a social worker and addictions counselor, I believe Jim Bennett is the best candidate for Darke County Prosecutor. As a social worker who has served the residents of Darke County and surrounding counties for over twenty years, I have had the opportunity to work with Jim in a variety of roles while he served as a prosecuting attorney in Miami County.

Jim is a supporter of training law enforcement officers in the Crisis Intervention Training (CIT) model which provides training to recognize individuals experiencing a mental health or substance use crisis. Jim believes in victims of crime receiving the necessary supportive services as they move through the court process. I have had the opportunity to work with Jim as he prosecuted criminal cases that involved victims who were impacted by mental illness and drug addiction. He ensures victims’ voices are heard during trials as well as sentencing.

Jim is knowledgeable about the impact of trauma on victims and their families. As prosecutor, Jim will ensure people are held accountable for their decisions and victims receive justice.

While working professionally with Jim, I have found him to be a trusted public servant who will be the voice for all residents of Darke County while ensuring the law is upheld.

I strongly support Jim Bennett in his run for the next Darke County prosecutor.


Jodi Snider LISW-S, LICDC-CS


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