Here I crumb – Crumbl opens in Troy


By Meladi Brewer

DARKE COUNTY — Life is what you bake of it, and for this couple life is pretty sweet.

Reggie Germany, former NFL player for the Buffalo Bills, and his wife Keah are opening their third Crumbl Cookie location in Troy; 1849b W Main Street, Troy, at 8 a.m. on Thursday morning. This sugary journey evolved from Keah’s very own sweet tooth.

“A friend of mine had gotten me a box of cookies for my birthday. I had never heard of Crumbl before,” Keah said. “After I had that box of cookies, I would ask my husband to go get me a box.”

Keah said Reggie would drive about 45 minutes, one way, each week to get her the weekly flavors. It wasn’t until about six months later when Keah had to go by herself that the dream of owning a Crumbl unfolded.

“I drove all the way there and said ‘oh, this looks like my classroom’. I was a teacher at that time and thought to myself that I believe I could do this,” Keah said.

She said she began asking questions, doing research, and three years later, she and her husband now own three Crumbl businesses in Dayton, Centerville, and Troy.

“Our first business was in Dayton, and it was doing so great that we wanted to open another around that area. After we scoped out a lot of places around here, and Troy just seemed like a good fit,” Keah said.

Reggie said Troy felt like a great area because of the community. John “Buck I Guy” Chubb, known for being an upstanding, positive energy at the Ohio State University games and being indited into the ESPN Fan Hall of Fame, made the journey to Troy in support of the store’s opening. He believes the store opening in Troy is going to be big.

“The energy is here, community is here, and this is a great thing,” Chubb said.

He was not wrong about community and positive energy being in Troy because when the doors opened, guests were greeted by uplifting energy, smiles, and of course- warm cookies.

“That is what we are here for. We try to bring all the excitement,” Reggie said.

Friday and Saturday the store will be hosting a raffle where customers could win free cookies for a year. There will be four lucky winners: two on Friday and two on Saturday. Reggie said to make sure to come early, as they are predicting the store to be “jam packed”.

Crumbl would like to thank everyone involved in the process of opening this location, and they would also like to give a special shout out to Hobart because “they make this possible with all these machines in here.”

Crumbl will also offer catering services, curbside delivery, takeout, delivery, and late operation hours. For more information call 937-552-5295 or visit

The owners hope to “bring the community togther over a shared love for Crumbl’s delicious cookies.”

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