Apple Farm Service updates drop boxes


COVINGTON — When planting season opens, the last thing you want to be doing is driving to the dealership to get your parts. That’s why Apple Farm Service is glad to continue their parts drop box program. The dealership is excited to release a new list of updated locations where customers can pick up their parts.

“We currently have 17 locations,” said marketing manager, Kent Holmes. “This is a free program for our customers to save on drive time and get their parts on their schedule.”

As the community gets closer to planting, Apple Farm Service wanted to make sure their customers know these location changes and additional boxes. Customers who’d like to use a drop box just need to place the order over the phone and state which drop box they’d like to have their parts sent to. Some boxes will be filled the same day, most will be filled by the end of the next day.

“If you have parts you need, but can wait until 6 p.m. that day or the next, then this program would be a great fit for you!” said Holmes.

The 17 drop box locations range as north as Waynesfield, as west as New Paris, as south as Hillsboro, and as east as Chillicothe. A vast majority of the boxes have not changed locations; however, three boxes have been removed, and four have been added since last planting season.

Those who are interested in finding their closest Apple Farm Service Drop Box should visit, or they can call their local Apple Farm Service.

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