April 6-12 proclaimed The Week of the Young Child


By Meladi Brewer


GREENVILLE — April 6-12 proclaimed The Week of the Young Child.

Greenville Mayor Jeff Whitaker presented Greenville Headstart with the proclamation Monday to commemorate the organzation working to improve early learning opportunities, which are crucial to the growth and development of young children, and to build better futures for everyone in Greenville.

Throughout the week, Headstart will be having theme days where specific lessons will be given. Monday, April 8th will be Music Monday. The students have this day off, but guardians are asked to explore with their child. Tuesday will be Tasty Tuesday where each classroom will pick a country to represent and make a tasty treat for everyone to share from that country.

Work Together Wednesday will proceed with all the classrooms coming together in the hallway to work together to make an art mural. Children will explore the art and decorate a steppingstone in their classroom on Artsy Thursday. Steppingstones will be provided by Ms. Kim.

The week will conclude on Family Friday where each classroom will invite families in to have family game day. Family and children will play board games together while their child is as school.

“The young children and their families across the country and in Greenville, Oh deserve access to high-quality early education and care,” Mayor Whitaker said.

It is important to recognize and support the people, programs, and policies that are committed to high-quality early childhood education and care.

“I encourage all citizens to work to make a good investment in early childhood in Greenville,” Mayor Whitaker said.

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