Former Ansonia cop pleads guilty


By Ryan Berry

GREENVILLE — Former Ansonia Police Officer Christian A. Idle pleaded guilty in Darke County Common Pleas Court on Monday. The disgraced officer had been accused of strangulation and domestic violence. Miami County Prosecutor Paul Watkins represented the state and Randall Breaden represented the defendant. Judge Travis Fliehman presided.

As part of the plea deal offered by the state and agreed to by Idle, the first count of strangulation was dropped. Idle pleaded guilty to one count of domestic violence, a first-degree misdemeanor.

The plea deal did not sit well with the victim’s mother. In a statement by the mother, she expressed her disappointment with the decision to offer a plea deal. “I’m not happy with the plea. I wanted it to go to trial. I realize that wasn’t my choice. I realize that’s kind of up to the prosecutor. I wanted the opportunity to go to trial and let everybody in that courtroom see the pictures and videos of what my little boy went through. A 250-pound man kicked, stomped, strangled, and punched an eight-year-old little boy who weighs 50 pounds. It has traumatized him. He has nightmares. No eight-year-old boy should have PTSD.”

The victim’s mother also pointed to Idle’s role as a police officer and said, “I hope he never has any power of authority in any way ever again.”

Although she hopes he has learned a lesson from this, she is not optimistic. “I don’t think anything that he’s given will ever be enough to justify what he did. I really hope that he’s learned, but I don’t think he has. Christian, all you’ve done for the last few months is go around and tell everybody this isn’t true. Here you are today pleading guilty to what you did do. I just think it’s sad that you can’t admit your wrongdoing to an eight-year-old little boy. I think you need a lot more than 60 and some counseling.”

During the proceedings, Idle said he has already attended drug and alcohol counseling sessions and has been diagnosed as bi-polar and has PTSD.

Judge Fliehman handed down a sentence of Community Control for 12 months, extendable up to 60 months. As part of the Community Control, Idle was given 180 days in jail with 120 days suspended. With Idle having already served two days, Fliehman said Idle needed to report to the Darke County Jail by 2 p.m. on Monday to serve the remaining 58 days. Breaden asked that Idle be allowed to serve his time in the Mercer County Jail because of the possibility that he may have had some interaction with inmates in Darke County in his role as a police officer. Judge Fliehman noted that the decision would be up to the Darke County Sheriff’s Office.

Fliehman also stated Idle will be required to report to the Darke County Probation Department following his release from jail and will be required to adhere to their rules. He will also be required to pay court costs, attend substance abuse counseling and anger counseling, and complete 50 hours of community service. He is also not allowed to have direct or indirect contact with the victim or the victim’s immediate family.

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