Flory Landscaping celebrates 35 years


By Ryan Berry


GREENVILLE — Kevin Flory and his crew at Flory Landscaping celebrated a milestone with a ribbon cutting on Friday. Flory began his landscaping business 35 years ago. The business is located at 1224 Fort Jefferson Ave., Greenville.

Flory was a 15-year-old student at Greenville High School when he began his landscaping business. He started by mowing lawns and then realized he had a knack for landscaping. Although it wasn’t something that he had planned to do as a career, one thing continually led to another. His customer base continued to grow and continually amassed more equipment.

The early days were difficult for a teenage Kevin Flory. How do you purchase the equipment needed to keep going and expand and satisfy your customer base? For Flory, it was simple. Sell your dream car to purchase the equipment. That is exactly what Flory did. He sold his Camaro to purchase a dump truck.

In addition to celebrating 35 years in business, Flory also celebrated the completion of the new office building, showroom and garage at the location.

He told the crowd gathered for the open house and ribbon cutting, “This was a vision of mine at the age of 15-years-old,” he said. Flory also remembered his father who was a large part of the business, “My dad recently passed, that’s tough, but he was able to see this building completed before he passed. I was honored with that.”

Flory thanked his family for standing with him, “I’m extremely blessed. I have my entire family that supports this and works with this. I have my wife, my son, my daughter, so I couldn’t ask for anything better.”

Flory praised the community for their support over the years and gave credit to his employees for their workmanship and craftmanship to make his business possible.

In addition to Flory Landscaping, he learned early on that he needed to expand into other areas. When there is a downturn in the economy, he said they had to have other options.

Flory established Mr. Plow Snow & Truck Equipment Sales several years ago and recently added FAME Asphalt Maintenance.

For more information on the services available at Flory Landscaping, Mr. Plow Snow & Truck Equipment Sales or FAME Asphalt, visit www.florylandscaping.com, www.famepaving.com or www.mrsnowplowequipment.com. You can also call 937-548-2200.

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