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By Meladi Brewer

March 19

SUBJECT W/A WEAPON: At 2:50 p.m. officers observed a black 2008 BMW being operated southbound on Elm Street near West Fourth Street. The subject failed to use a turn signal within 100 feet of the turn, and a traffic stop was made. The vehicle pulled over directly in front of the courthouse, and a female got into the back seat of the vehicle. Petronilio Valazquez appeared to be extremely nervous and was not making eye contact with officers. He was rummaging through the inside of the vehicle as officers asked for a driver license, insurance, and registration. He advised he did not have his driver’s license on him. He then proceeded to reach towards the driver side floorboard and grabbed a pink item and quickly moved the item into the pouch behind the front passenger seat. The items appeared to possibly be a gun, and officers asked if Valazquez had any firearms inside the vehicle; he advised no. The firearm was loaded with approximately nine rounds inside the magazine. Valazquez was not to be in possession of a firearm, as he had a prior felony drug conviction through Florida in 2004. This case will be sent to the Darke County Prosecutor’s Office for review of charges.

March 21

ASSAULT: At 11:11 officers responded to the 1100 Russ Road in reference to an assault that occurred at the 600 block of Wagner Avenue. The complainant stated he wanted charges in reference to a verbal altercation with the staff that became physical. He said he wanted to file a report, so he could sue the business. While at the business, the complainant advised he had a couple of alcoholic beverages, and two and a half hours later, he requested his itemized bill so he could pay his tab and leave. After reviewing his itemized bill, he felt that there was a discrepancy in the amount of alcoholic beverages he was being charged for. He advised when he brought it up to staff they became verbally belligerent with him. The male then made the comment “I should bring 70 of my friends,” meaning it as a joke to “lighten the mood.” He said the comment ended up escalating the situation and a bartender told him to get out before pushing him towards the door twice and yelling at him. The female bartenders advised of their story, but they denied ever physically touching the complainant during the altercation. It was also confirmed by a customer at the bar who witnessed the altercation. The male complainant, Shawn Coleman, was verbally warned for trespass from the business. No charges were filed at this time.

March 22

VANDALISM: At 6:04 a.m. officers were dispatched to the 1300 block of Benden Way, in reference to a vandalism complaint. The female victim advised someone slashed all four of her car tires. She believes she knows the male who possibly slashed her tires because they were in an argument the night prior since she would not allow him to stay with her in her apartment. She knew the male was upset over this, and the victim advised she will contact the property manager to see if there were any possible cameras on the property. Video was obtained and officers could see what appeared to be a male slashing the victim’s tires. The overall appearance of the subject matched the physical description of Dustin Burton. Officers have been unable to locate Burton to question him regarding the incident. Once officers are able to make contact with him, he will be questioned and criminal charges will be pending more information.

March 23

WANTED PERSON: At 1:38 p.m. officers observed a male subject walking in the parking lot at the 200 block of Wagner Avenue. Through investigation, the subject was found to have an active warrant for his arrest. As officers approached the front door in their cruiser, the male subject had his hand on the door. The male then took off running around the north side of the building, then east onto East Main Street. The subject was pursued, stopped, and detained. Matthew Rutherford had an active warrant for failing to appear on the original charge of driving under suspension, bond $525. He was transported to the jail.

WANTED PERSON: Officers arrived at the 1300 block of N. Chippewa to serve a felony warrant for Bradley Crum at 6:35 p.m. He had a probation violation with an original charge of dangerous drugs though the Darke County Sheriff’s Office, with no bond. He was arrested and taken to the jail.

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