Rumpke breaks ground on $7 Million garage


By Meladi Brewer

GREENVILLE — Rumpke breaks ground on $7 Million garage.

Establishing themselves in Darke County since 1989, Rumpke has expanded it business within the community and is in need of updated facilities in order to keep up with demand. They will be replacing their current maintenance garage and hauling office, as Jeff Rumpke advised it is not intended for the uses they have today.

“This has been a long time coming. We’ve been working out of buildings that weren’t really built for the types of equipment that we have today,” Rumpke said.

He said the buildings that they are operating at were designed for the equipment as it was in 1989. Today trucks are bigger, and they have more trucks than the facility can hold.

“We just really need to upgrade our facilities and this is a great opportunity to do that, so we appreciate you all,” Rumpke said.

The new building will be a 19,275 square foot facility that will house office space, training room, vehicle maintenance garage. Rumpke’s mission is to champion the responsible use and protection of the natural environment through sustainable practices by coming together with the communities to generate solutions to common problems, and/or assist with existing beneficial programs.

“Personally I am super excited about this project,” Rumpke said. “Our people have been working here in Greenville and doing a great job for us. It is an excellent location for our company. We are really proud of the work we do here.”

Rumpke is hoping they can find qualified people who have beneficial skill-sets by being an employer of choice by giving back to the local community.

“We are really excited to be able to partner with a local company at Arcon who has the same values we do as a company,” Rumpke said.

Arcon Vice President, Alec Shellabarger, said he cannot help but reflect on the past six months: interviews, meetings, conference calls, sketches, revisions, early mornings and late nights to name a few.

“But it was the many team members who brought us this far who will also ensure the success through its completion,” Shellabarger said.

He said Rumpke moving to make a $7 million dollar investment in Darke County alone is enough to celebrate, but they did not stop there. Rumpke has chosen to employee local by hiring Arcon as the general contractor, and from there Arcon was able to turn around and hire six in county sub-contractors totalling over $1.7 million in contracts locally.

“We want to express our deepest gratitude to Rumpke for entrusting us with this contract, and I also want to thank our team members for the skilled professionals for the hard work and expertise that will help bring this vision to life,” Shellabarger said.

Commissioner Marshall Combs expressed his excitement saying the commissioners are excited, as this is a big deal. He presented Rumpke with a proclamation expressing Rumpke has been a part of the Darke County community providing waste and recycling services to our residents and businesses for years.

“In order to protect our planet from waste it requires massive action and technology, so I thank you guys,” Combs said. “Thank you for employing everyone locally, and it is a big deal, and we are happy to have you here.”

“Together let us embrace this opportunity with the enthusiasm and determination knowing that every yard of concrete we pour and every beam we raise brings us closer to a future that is cleaner and more sustainable for generations to come,” Shellabarger said. “Today as we break ground, we will embark on a new chapter filled endless possibilities. Together we will build something truly remarkable.”

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