VHS participating in Drive Smart Program


VERSAILLES — In an effort to educate and encourage teens to make good choices when getting in or behind the wheel of a vehicle, Versailles High School has arranged to present the Drive Smart Program.

On Friday, April 26, 9 a.m., a mock crash scene will be staged at the school. Students will be spectators and will witness the life-like events that occur after a drunk driving related crash. Police, fire, EMS and others will arrive on scene in an attempt to rescue the victims of this unfortunate accident. In the final moments of the event, a parent speaker will discuss a real life scenario and will encourage the students to learn from this demonstration. The community should not be alarmed by the commotion this event will attract on April 26. The goal is that students will make the right decision and never get behind the wheel impaired or get in a vehicle with an impaired driver.

A huge thank you to the Versailles Police, Fire & EMS, MVH Careflight, Darke County Coroner’s Office, Bailey & Zechar Funeral Home, school staff and student volunteers for their time and effort put into this event.

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