Stelvideo celebrates Grange Month







GREENVILLE — Nine Stelvideo Junior Grange members and five Stelvideo Grange members were present at the signing of The Grange Month Proclamation with Mayor Jeff Whitaker. Mayor Whitaker talked with the members, especially with the Juniors. The Juniors asked questions and the mayor asked the Juniors questions, learning more about the Junior Grange and all the activities and community services the Juniors have done. It was a great time with an enormous impact for the Juniors and for the Grange.

Mayor Whitaker joined National Grange President Christine E. Hamp in declaring April as Grange Month in the City of Greenville and encourages participation of every Grange and Grange member in the celebration by planning and executing programs and activities that will highlight the Grange in every American community, that will guarantee the Grange is stronger tomorrow than it is today, and ensures they always stand Grange Strong.

The proclamation highlights Grange’s mission to strengthen individuals, families, and communities through grassroots action, service, education, advocacy, and agriculture awareness. It states that for 156 years The Grange has played an essential and lasting role in building rural and small town America and ensuring its resiliency through advocacy and direct service.

According to the proclamation, Grange continues to grow and is an active, rooted, resilient, and united organization in thousands of communities across the country. The Grange continues its unique roll in connecting rural America to urban America through agricultural appreciation and education, and by advocating for strong, common sense, best for everyone public policy. The Grange also emphasizes civic responsibility and the involvement of citizens in the legislative recess.

The Grange offers opportunities for civil discussions among people of all viewpoints and opinions, serving as a safe space for exploring important social and legislative issues of the day.

The Grange is proud to be “Grange Strong: Rooted, Resilient and United,” and encourages Granges and community members to come together in celebrating hometown pride and sustainability.

For more information about Stelvideo Grange, contact Stelvideo President/Darke County Grange Deputy Harvey Hinshaw at 937-621-4901 or for information about Junior Grange, contact Stelvideo Junior Grange Leader/Stelvideo Historian Susan Gunckle at 937-621-4903.

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