Every picture tells a story


By Marilyn Delk


Many people say that they do not understand abstract art, therefore they do not enjoy it; however I urge you to check out Dayton-area abstract artist Mikee Huber’s current exhibit at the Anna Bier Galley. Each vibrant composition tells a unique story, a tale that can be perceived differently by each viewer.

Anna Bier Gallery Director Jennifer Overholser suggests that understanding abstract art is akin to listening to instrumental music; without lyrics to guide you, you need to take a moment, pausing to reflect upon the experience. Jen explains that this exhibit features an interplay of color, and its reaction to different spaces. “Taking in the nonobjective motifs, viewers rely on the colors—the hues, in what quantity, and what they are paired with, to share a sense of emotion,” she states. But, aside from the sheer delight expressed in her work, the key to simple enjoyment of selections from Mikee Huber’s “Compulsion” and “Catalyst” series lies in familiarity with the musical references inherent to the work.

Like many of us, Mikee believes music to be a universal language that connects diverse personalities and different cultures. The Dayton-area artist especially loves the sounds made popular in the 1970’s and 1980’s, and her art as well as the titles assigned to the pieces on display reflect and expand upon that passion.

“I Travel the World and the Seven Seas,” a cheerful work in lilting shades of pink accented by un-gloomy gray refers to a line from the Eurythmics iconic hit, “Sweet Dreams Are Made of This.” “Everybody’s Looking For Something II, III, and IX,” part of a series of ten, are also based on the highly successful Annie Lennox/Dave Stewart musical collaboration. These bright and happy works evoke joyful feelings as well as a sense of wonder.

“Brandy Walks Through a Silent Town” refers to 1972 Looking Glass recording “Brandy (You’re a Fine Girl),” a song that I don’t really recall. However, that did not diminish my enjoyment of this striking image with its deep blues and silvery hues.

These works are a part of Mikee’s “Compulsion Series,” in which in which the artist explores an irresistible artistic urge guided by the dynamic interplay of colors, an urge inspired by a fascination with “Payne’s Gray,” a color that she credits with acting as a magnetic anchor amidst a symphony of vibrant contrasting hues. This series celebrates the artist’s undeniable impulse to blend, contrast, and compose, acts which she believes echo the symphony of life itself.

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