Transportation Services Agreement aids those age 60 or older


By Meladi Brewer

GREENVILLE — Approved the Transportation Agreement that will aid those age 60 or older. Commissioners Matt Aultman, Larry Holmes, and Marshall Combs were present.

An agreement for transportation services between the Board of Darke County Commissioners and the City of Greenville for transportation services was approved for the agreement of goods or services for use by residents of Darke County, with a target audience of residents age 60 or older.

This is to include approved hours for service of Monday – Friday 7 a.m. to 5 p.m., no weekend or government holiday hours. If the City of Greenville is able to find adequate staffing, weekend services will be offered. If there is inclement weather, services may be postponed or cancelled during the period of inclement weather.

Rates per passenger is $6.19 per mile each way within Darke County.

The Darke County Commissioners agree to reimburse the Provider for allowable service, and the commissioners have allocated funds to cover these costs. The commissioners will utilize Healthy Aging Grant Funds not to exceed $104,720.

Commissioner Larry Holmes said, “At the end of March we obtained a Healthy Aging Grant Fund, and we put 20 percent into housing, 20 percent into food safety, 10 percent into information and technology awareness, and lastly 50 percent into transportation.”

A transfer of appropriations for the Airport, Commissioners’ Permanent Improvement and for Solid Waste was approved. The Commissioners moved a total of $72,000 from the general fund to an outside fund to cover needed expenses for utility costs at the airport ($12,000) and three vehicles for the Sheriff’s Department ($60,000). A total of $14,000 was transferred into an Education and Advertising fund for DC Solid Waste to cover the trash bash.

A mandatory expense request for David Driver and Kristen Howard for an estimated total of $4,240 was approved. This will be to cover a Correction Officer Basic Academy at Clark State, and it will cover meals and registration for both attendees.

Two recommended expense requests were also approved. Kelly Moody, Adam Crumley, and Stephen Strunk will be attending the Ohio Tactical Officer Association with an estimated cost of $540 to cover meals for three people. The other expense request totaled $360 to come meals for Greg Fourman to attend the Ohio Tactical Officers Association for an an additional time period than those previously stated.

The Darke County Commissioners meet every Tuesday and Thursday to hold a Public Regular Session Meeting at 1:30 p.m. in the Administrative Building at 520 S Broadway.

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