Celebrate You Saturday is June 1


GREENVILLE — Have you been experiencing brain fog?

Do you ever wonder why you can’t remember where you put your keys? Did you know that your body has three brains? Do you want to learn ways to keep your mind as healthy as possible?

Celebrate You Saturday will be held Saturday, June 1, 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. at I Am Well Darke County, 300 Sycamore St., Greenville.

This month the focus is brain health, self awareness and the power of your thoughts.

The practitioners include Tammy Avalos who is an energy worker and spiritual advisor, Joe Bush from Helping Hands Massage Therapy, Cheryl Maze from Peaceful Vibes LLC who will be providing sound sessions . There will be healthy brain activities, resources and self care tips. They will round out the day with healthy motion by Lori Osterloh-Hagaman who will lead them in an interactive demonstration of belly dancing.

I Am Well Darke County is the premier local chapter of I Am Well Foundation, a 501(c)3 national nonprofit organization dedicated to empowering America’s health and wellness transformation.

Their mission is to empower the residents of Darke County, OH and surrounding areas to identify, achieve and maintain their own unique optimal health and wellness by:

* Providing online education and resources;

* Maintaining a one-stop center with a wide range of preventative and therapeutic modalities; and

* Hosting and facilitating a variety of health and wellness events.

They envision a Darke County where all residents are living at their highest health potential and are guaranteed access to whole person-centered optimal health and wellness opportunities.

For more information visit https://iamwelldarkecounty.org. Join them on Facebook at I Am Well Darke County Page or email [email protected] or call 937-670-4153.

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