Browns Backers support EverHeart


GREENVILLE — EverHeart Hospice recently received a generous donation of $500 from The Union City Browns Backers. Scott, founder and president of the Union City Browns Backers since its start in 1987, shared the reason the group continues to support EverHeart each year, “It’s a very important organization. I work for Kaup Pharmacy and have come in contact with many EverHeart employees. They are extremely gracious people who care for their patients. They are a great benefit to our community to have available for those that need it.”

During the past seven years, The Browns Backers have raised over $7,000 to support EverHeart’s mission. Contributions and gifts like this make it possible for EverHeart Hospice to continue being the community’s hospice, serving any patient in need and never turning them away due to their insurance coverage or ability to pay.

Scott shared that The Union City Browns Backers is looking to add even more members to their club, which meets at 6 pm the first Thursday of every month-July through December, at Pizza Hut in Union City. If you are interested in becoming a member of the Union City Browns Backers, you may contact their President, Scott, at 937-414-9772. Their first meeting of the year will be on July 11th! For more information on the patient and family-centered care that EverHeart Hospice has been known for over the past 43 years, visit or contact a team member at 800-417-7535.

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