Fort GreeneVille DAR assists Pioneer Days


Fort GreeneVille DAR

GREENVILLE — Fort GreeneVille Chapter Daughters of the American Revolution sponsored an educational station “Lewis and Clark Expedition Journal” at the fourth grade Pioneer Days at Bear’s Mill. The Darke County Park District event focused on the 1800s. DAR member Caitlyn Clark, author of “From the Treaty City to the Western Sea: Lewis and Clark in Greenville, Ohio”, led the activity.

The Lewis and Clark station focused on the impact that Lewis and Clark made to the United States. They first met at the Treaty of Greenville and went on to complete an expedition across the country. The expedition documented plants, animals and the terrain. The fourth graders were given a “journal” to document what they saw at Bear’s Mill. (Snakes seemed to be a favorite.)

Assisting along with the DAR members at the Lewis and Clark activity were the Richard Montgomery Sons of the American Revolution members Lee Emrick and Ohio SAR President Steve Kaplan, Garst Museum and Darke County Park District.

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