Garst Museum’s tornado relief efforts


GREENVILLE — Garst has been in a whirlwind since the May 14 tornado. Just like the City Park, Garst Museum lost beautiful, mature trees in the storm. There was also damage to the rafters and inside ceiling tiles on the Coppock Wing. Artifacts from the Lowell Thomas exhibit, and portions of the Americana Wing are in safe storage while the renovation work is being completed.

Additionally, the roof over the garage will need to be replaced. The gutters and area over the Garst house will need to be repaired, but this does not impact museum operations.

There were nine very tall, mature maple or pine trees that were totally destroyed and many more damaged. The museum needs help covering the cost of tree and stump removal. Sadly, this cost is not covered by insurance.

The best ways to help are to purchase a membership, donate to the Annual Fund or Capital Campaign, or earmark donations for Tornado Relief—all efforts will be very helpful.

Other ways to participate in the recovery will be a 50/50 drawing at the Gathering at Garst, with the drawing during the concert on Saturday, July 27. Another exciting way you can help is by owning an actual piece of Garst tree history. Ornaments from the sycamores and other boards from the oaks are being created and will be available for sale at the museum with the Garst logo etched into them.

As many of you are already aware, Clay Johnson, Garst Director and President, has been posting continual updates regarding the tornado damage and our recovery since the day after the tornado. His goal is to be as informative and transparent as possible, encourage donations, and invite people to join the recovery efforts.

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