Greenville Police Blotter


By Meladi Brewer

May 30

WANTED PERSON: Officers were dispatched to the 200 block of East Main Street in reference to a domestic dispute/wanted person. Jeffery Franklin advised he and his live-in girlfriend were in a verbal argument over her texting someone on Facebook messenger. Franklin stated it was only verbal. It was later found that he had a warrant out of Miami County for failure to appear on a traffic offense with no bond. He was arrested and transported to the jail.

June 3

THEFT: At 3:36 p.m. officers were dispatched to the 5400 block of State Route 49 in reference to a theft that had occurred. The male complainant said a male from Tennessee stole his Meta Quest 3 gaming system. The complainant and his son advised they had ran to the store leaving the male alone at the house. When they returned the male was not there, and the game system was noticed missing. The receipt of the Meta Quest 3 where he is still making payments on from Rent-A-Center was attached to the report. The male’s father was contacted and stated his son will be told to call the officers, but he advised his son does not have a phone that can call. There will be nothing further in the case, as officers have no physical proof that the male stole the listed item.

ASSAULT: At 10:02 p.m. officers were dispatched to the 1300 block of Wagner Avenue to an assault in progress. The female stated she was in the parking lot waiting to pick up her son from work when three juveniles later identified walked out of business past her vehicle. She then advised one of the juveniles stated she was her son’s mom and she looked like a “B”. The female advised that she is a “B”, and the male juvenile responded with “next time you call into work telling us what to do, I will “F” you up.” The female got out of the vehicle, grabbed a chair, and walked towards the juveniles. She threw the chair at the vehicle the male juvenile was entering. The chair struck the vehicle and shattered. It also caused damage to the window. The juveniles then exited the vehicle and began yelling at her, and she advised she began fighting with all three juveniles. The female advised she grabbed pieces of the shattered chair to protect herself, and she grabbed the juvenile’s hair and began to pull it. The female advised she was struck in the back of the head, and he husband began to attempt to break up the fight. After obtaining video of the incident, charges may be pursued for all subjects involved. All subjects involved were released from the scene, and the incident requires more investigation and follow up before charges can be pursued.

June 5

WANTED PERSON: At 4:56 p.m. officers apprehended a wanted subject at the 600 block of Walnut Street. Upon arrival, officers made contact with Matthew Knight who was known to have a warrant for failure to appear on an original charge of aggravated menacing; with a bond of $525. He was arrested and transported to the jail.

CPO VIOLATION: At approximately 10:12 p.m. officers were dispatched to the 100 Block of West Main Street in reference to a CPO Violation. Officers made contact with the complainant who advised she has a CPO against her ex-boyfriend, and yet he was using his daughter’s Snapchat account to contact her. The CPO was filed on June 4, 2024, and is in effect until June 4, 2025. Spencer showed officers the messages from Snapchat, and the messages called her a liar about a previous incident that occurred on June 2nd, 2024.The CPO stated he is not to have any contact with the female through telecommunications or through another person. The male advised he did not personally communicate with the victim himself or attempt through another party. He said the complainant had been contacting the daughter and harassing them about the case. The complainant was contacted and updated that no charges will be filed due to not being able to prove that the male contacted her through the daughter’s Snapchat or used his daughter to contact her. The complainant was warned for telecommunications harassment and told not contact the daughter anymore.

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