Brewer welcomed into a sisterhood as the 2024 Miss Chick


By Meladi Brewer

VERSAILLES — Elizabeth Brewer was welcomed into a sisterhood as the 2024 Miss Chick.

This year’s court is comprised of Miss Chick 2024 Elizabeth Brewer, Maddalyn (Maddie) Walters, first runner-up, and Lauren Pohl, second runner-up. They competed against seven other young ladies for chance to win the Miss Chick scholarship and title.

These young ladies have become part of a legacy of court members past and present and will get a chance to represent their hometown community for the year. While waiting for results, past contestants were encouraged to get up and express their favorite part about being part of the court. While they were making their way to the stage area, two women who happened to be on the same court together expressed their excitement for each other before embracing for a hug.

“I was 1991 first runner-up. My favorite memory was just hanging out with the court. We got to meet a lot of really great people and have a lot of experiences,” Judy said.

Her 1991 Miss Chick followed up with her favorite memory of having the honor and ability to represent the community and Village of Versailles with pride.

“My favorite thing, as they have previously mentioned is the sisterhood,” 2023 Miss Chick Isabel Rawlins said. “These great leaders of women have all become a family, and I think it is all beautiful.”

Rawlins said there is definitely a bond that happens within the court. She said the bond becomes tight, as the court does everything together from shared experiences and it is special.

“As you walk around the festival, all of the past contestants come up and congratulate you, fix the hair that is out of place, or making sure your shoes are tied,” Rawlins said. “It is simple things like that that show the sisterhood this organization has, and I think it is a great way to uplift each other.”

When speaking to the contestants, Rawlins advised them to take it all in, as they will meet a lot of interesting people and get to have lots of experiences. Upon the crowning of the 2024 Miss Chick, she encouraged the court to take in the moment because it is going to be a journey.

“Take a breath, and live in it,” Rawlins said.

First Runner-Up Maddie Walters could not contain her excitement as the rush of emotions were surreal.

“I just can’t right now. I am so lucky. So lucky to be in this sisterhood now, and I cannot wait to perform all of the duties that come from this job,” Walters said.

She is looking forward to experiencing the community in a new way, as it is her favorite part about Poultry Days.

“The community and how everyone comes together to celebrate something -especially how there are people who come from all around the world is just crazy to me,” Walters said.

Seccond Runner-Up Lauren Pohl agreed saying this title is an honor.

“What an honor this is to represent my community in this way, represent my family, and represent the town that all just have been so awesome to me these past 18 years,” Pohl said.

The dream of representing the community seemed to have radiated through the whole court, as the 2024 Miss Chick had been dreaming about this experience since she was a little girl.

“I feel like I am going to cry. This has been a dream of mine since I’ve been little,” Brewer said.

Brewer said she was overwhelmed when she had heard she is the new reigning Miss Chick.

“It was just -I never expected. Never expected it. It’s crazy,” Brewer said.

The court will proceed to represent Poultry Days and Versailles on social media, parades, and media appearances to help promote the event until the new court is sashed in 2025 at the 74th Poultry Days held the second weekend of June.

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