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Two Faculty Members Added to Edison State’s Wall of Memories

PIQUA — During a spring All-College Celebrations meeting, Edison State Community College announced the addition of two former faculty members, Robert W.B. Robinson and Vincent R. Miller, to its Wall of Memories.

Nominators selected Robinson, an adjunct instructor at Edison State for over two decades, for the Wall of Memories because he was a caring, dedicated, and hardworking educator.

“He dedicated himself to education, and it was very evident that he deeply cared about the educational success of each and every student he worked with,” said Leah Baumhauer, Coordinator of the Tutoring Center. “I’ve seen firsthand, heard, and read comments from many students and former students who say Bob took them under his wing and gave them guidance, support, and a chance—all of which made a huge impact on their confidence and success.”

She continued, “In my position, I worked closely with Bob, who was one of our tutors. He often included me in his communication with students, and with each of them, it was obvious his goal was to make the students confident and independent learners. He accomplished that through sharing his knowledge, a lot of encouragement, and a bit of tough love, which I always enjoyed.”

Elise Hays, former Program Coordinator for Empowering Darke County Youth, an organization founded by Robinson in 2006, read from Faculty Tutor Jenette Stark’s nomination. “Bob Robinson passed away in January, leaving a legacy of dedication to education and a profound impact on those he taught. The Edison State community has deeply felt his loss, a testament to the depth of his connections and impact on us all.”

“Bob’s passion for teaching at Edison State was a beacon of inspiration. Many knew him as an educator who would go the extra mile for his students’ academic growth and well-being and who was always ready to lend an ear or offer advice. Beyond the classroom, Bob was living testament to the values of perseverance, kindness, and dedication. His life experiences and belief in the inherent value of every individual were evident in his interactions with students, colleagues, and community members.”

Miller worked as an adjunct faculty member at Edison State for 42 years, teaching classes such as statistics, college algebra, and trigonometry. He also served in the Tutoring Center, on the President’s Council, and on the board of The Edison Foundation.

“He truly left a legacy with the Vince Miller Family Scholarship, which is now available to Edison State students,” said Lisa Hartwig, Associate Professor of Mathematics. “Vince demanded a lot from his students. Not only did he want them to do well in his class, but he also cared about their future and wanted them to be successful.”

“We truly miss having welcoming and friendly conversations with Vince,” Hartwig added. “The faculty lounge seems empty without him. He was vital to the math department, as well as the entire college. We will continue to miss him and will never forget the legacy he left. It’s not often you find such a giving person who shows a positive light to everyone around him.”

Steve Brown, Coordinator of Financial Aid, added, “Here was a man who had a desire to see his students excel in every academic endeavor. He wanted his students to succeed and would tell me that every student could learn something to make their educational career easier and to be more successful.”

“Every time I saw him, he always had a smile on his face,” continued Brown. “Or was it just that mischievous grin that he had? I could never quite figure it out. It was just that he had a great sense of humor and enjoyed life.”

The Wall of Memories, established in 1998 by members of the Academic Forum, recognizes former Edison State employees who significantly impacted the lives of students, faculty, and staff and who will forever be a part of the college community.

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