DC Commissioners continue to make strides on local projects


By Meladi Brewer


GREENVILLE — Commissioners met Tuesday to discuss funding for various county projects.

A mandatory $2,500 expense for the Darke County Veterans was approved for by the Darke County Commissioners. This is for Jennifer Anthony, Gaylen Blosser, Scott Riffle, and James Kammer to attend the OSAVSC Summer Convention in Dublin, OH July 26-28.

There was $116,482.10 advanced from the general fund into the outside fund to cover Shinn Bros pay app number four for the 2022 Versailles Critical Infrastructure Grant. This is to cover the replacement of the lead lines within the Village of Versailles. It is to be advanced back once revenue is received, and this grant is different than the change order the commissioners approved afterwards.

The change order the commissioners approved was between the Darke County Commissioners and Shinn Bros. Inc. for the Reed Road Well Field. The project had a $50,000 allowance, and they only utilized $9,989.30 worth. Therefore the change order is to show the amount not used and to take it off of the total.

The original contract sum was $1,197,500, and with the change of -$40,010.70 not utilized for the project, the new contract sum including the change is now $1,157,489.30. The date of substantial completion was not changed in any compacity.

In regards to the 2022 Gettysburg Critical Infrastructure Grant, the commissioners approved a $115,900 fund advance for the water tower replacement project. Commissioner Aultman advised that it is where the old tennis court had been. This advance will come back once revenue is received.

A transfer total of $38,210 was approved for the Commissioners Permanent Improvement project to pay for invoices for the airport, facility maintenance, and repair for the clock tower.

Jayden Hicks, Greenville, was announced as the Douglas Steinbrunner Memorial Scholarship 2024 recipient. This scholarship is awarded to an outstanding Darke County graduate pursuing a degree in agriculture or natural resources at an Ohio college or university.

Darke SWCD installed a rain garden last week at the Bish. Rain Gardens are shallow gardens designed to absorb runoff from rooftops, driveways, roads, and other non-permeable surfaces. They allow water to soak into the ground and reduce stormwater runoff. This rain garden was installed with a partnership between the City of Greenville and Darke SWCD for stormwater awareness and the Darke County Parks. The Bish provides a public site where people can see and learn about rain gardens.

The Darke County Commissioners meet every Tuesday and Thursday for their Regular Session meetings starting at 1:30 p.m. in the Administrative Building: 520 S Broadway. These meetings are open and welcome to the public.

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