Powell says no to Capital Budget


COLUMBUS — The Ohio House of Representatives passed Substitute House Bill 2, the state’s two-year budget for capital projects, on Wednesday, announced State Rep. Jenna Powell (R-Arcanum). This year’s Capital Budget included a one-time allocation of $717 million which was spent on funding community projects.

“I voted no on the final version of H.B. 2 due to excessive spending,” said Powell. “Our state should’ve passed a much more conservative budget, saved taxpayers money, and given a significant portion of Ohioans’ $717 million back to them in tax cuts.”

Powell secured the following capital investments that will positively impact Miami and Darke Counties and the surrounding region:

$750,000 for the Western Ohio Regional Fire Training Facility

$120,000 for the Darke County Fish and Game Association

$500,000 for the renovation of the Edison State engineering lab and classroom

$500,000 for the renovation of the Edison State Nursing Wing

$45,000 for upgrades to the Miami Valley Veterans Museum

$100,000 for the Versailles Heritage Park

$50,000 to purchase new park equipment in the North Star Community Park with improved lighting to allow for safer recreational play

$20,000 to refurbish the Osgood Tennis Courts

$2,000,000 for the Troy Great Miami River Recreation Connectivity Project

“I work every day to provide our community with the resources it needs to thrive, and I proudly represent the values of those in my community,” said Powell. “We are facing financial hardships due to inflation and property tax rates. At a time where property taxes are skyrocketing and inflation is increasing, I voted no on HB 2 because $717 million taxpayer dollars should have been stewarded better.”

Substitute House Bill 2 awaits a signature from the Governor.

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