Livingston leaves a legacy for family, friends, community


UNION CITY, Ohio — Meta Sue Livingston was a woman of dedication. That’s what people who knew her remember the love and caring she put into everything she did.

Livingston died June 20 at her residence in Union City, Ohio, at the age of 77.

A registered nurse, she was former owner and operator of Center of Hope Nursing Home for 31 years. She also served on the Union City, Ohio, Village Council a few times since 1984, and her last term ended on Dec. 31, 2015.

“Meta Sue and my mom were high school friends, so I felt like I’ve known her all my life, as their class would get together often to reminisce and enjoy time together,” commented Debbie Nestor Baker, now executive director at the Oakley Place in Greenville. “When I turned 18, I started at Center of Hope and I remember Meta always telling me, ‘Sis, I’m going to give you a chance, but it takes a special person to care for the elderly…to love them, to care for them, to entertain them.’ Well, 22 years later I am still in healthcare and that is a huge thank you to Meta Sue. She even told me at one point I proved her wrong, which not many people had done. She was my mentor, as well as being a mentor to so many others. Meta had a heart of gold when it came to caring for the residents of Center of Hope. The residents’ needs always came first no matter the situation, and she instilled that same belief into every employee’s life she touched. She was a great teacher, friend and confidant. Thank you, Meta, for all you did for me. I am a better person because of you.”

“Meta Sue Livingston was my friend, my family and my mentor,” said Pam Idle, RN, director of nursing at Union City Care Center, former known as Center of Hope. “Meta provided with opportunities for a career in healthcare that I may have never seeked out otherwise. Meta hired me at Center of Hope in 1987. Meta was kind, considerate and firm as a supervisor, and as my friend. As I worked for Meta and moved thorough the ranks at Center of Hope, I learned to be a fair, compassionate supervisor and nurse. Meta will be greatly missed!”

“She was dedicated to her village, and dedicated and kind to her patients and their families when she had the nursing home,” said Betty Grimes. “She was appointed to village council in 1984 and served the village well.”

“She was one of the biggest-hearted ladies I knew,” said Marie Hughes, whose husband, the Rev. George Hughes, officiated at the funeral. “She was very intimidating but very loving. She loved her family, job and what she did for the community. She had a heart of gold and will be missed by a lot of people.”

Hughes said she had known Livingston for 40-some years.

“I worked with her at the nursing home,” Hughes said. “She was very consistent and never minced words. You could always count on her to do something, not only by serving the nursing home, but by doing a lot of things in the community.”

Her husband, the pastor, had this to say: “Meta Sue was a very strong woman…very dedicated to her job and giving of her time and efforts. I have known her for 49 years. We were close friends for years. We watched her family grow. She was dedicated to the family, and when she purchased Center of Hope, she was dedicated. She gave out and received back in life. She was a very strong-wiled person. She made things happen in life and didn’t leave people out. She had a caring attitude from childhood on up. She went to college and was successful in life up to her dying days. She was very consistent in her life and didn’t mince words. Everybody had respect for her too. She deserves this [tribute]. People from Body Co., still talk about her. She was a nurse in first-aid there for a long time.”

“I had done her hair for years and years,” remarked Darlene Hunt, hairstylist and owner of Hair Productions in Union City. “She was the most wonderful people to be around. She was very uplifting no matter what she was going through; she always a had a smile on her face…a wonderful woman.”

Former Union City, Ohio, Mayor Scott Stahl said Livingston will be missed.

“She was a family- and community-minded young lady, helping wherever and whenever she could,” Stahl said. “She was a sounding board for me. We, at times, discussed a variety of topics. Sometimes just listened because I couldn’t get a word in edge-wise. She served two or three terms on council and ran for mayor against me in the early 1990s, I’m thinking.”

“Meta Sue Livingston served the Village of Union City, Ohio, over 20 years as a councilwoman and/or committee member,” stated current Fiscal Officer Karen Stubbs. “She cared about the citizens and employees of Union City, Ohio, and was involved in the community. She was an asset to the council and will be missed. She was an exceptional person to work with and had a heart of gold, a beautiful person inside and out.”

Livingston left behind five children, 15 grandchildren and five great-grandchildren, and was laid to rest in Teegarden Cemetery.

By Linda Moody

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