Greenville Police Beat



On April 20, an officer initiated a traffic stop at Central Avenue and Pine Street. Upon approaching the vehicle, the officer detected the odor of marijuana coming from the vehicle. The officer asked the vehicle’s driver, Damian Clason, if he had any illegal substances in the vehicle and Clason denied that he did. Due to the odor, the officer conducted a probable cause search of the vehicle and located a green leafy vegetation in a plastic baggy under the driver’s seat, along with a brownie and a small black bag , which held a vape and two canisters of a thick brown liquid. Through further searching, the officer also found five more canisters in a compartment below the radio. Clason denied ownership of everything and told the officer he had just dropped off a friend who had recently been in the vehicle. According to the report, Clason would not tell the officer the friend’s name. The officer placed the vegetation, brownies, canisters into property at the police department. Clason was issued a citation for possession of a controlled substance.


On April 22, an officer was dispatched to the Greenville Police Department in reference to a complaint of an assault. The complainant said he was hit in the back of the head. The officer arrived to speak with the juvenile victim and his mother. Accompanying the victim and his mother was a female witness to the assault. The victim said he was at a residence in the 600 block of Gray Avenue with five other people when he began arguing with one of the females in the group. At that time, one of the other males stepped into the conversation telling the victim to “shut up” and not to argue. The two males began arguing and the victim was hit in the back of his head by the other male. According to the report, the assault caused the victim to cry out in pain. The victim refused any medical treatment while at the police department. There were no visible injuries that required medical attention or photos. The female witness confirmed the victim’s explanation of what took place. The officer spoke with the other male by phone and asked him to come to the police department. He willingly came to speak with the officer about the incident. Two of the other females also arrived as witnesses. The male said he did “tap” the victim on the back of the head because he was trying to get him to settle down. The male who hit the victim was cited for assault.

Wanted Person

On April 20, an officer was dispatched to the 600 block of East Main Street on the report that Brittney Harris, who had an outstanding warrant, was seen walking in the area. Upon arrival in the area, the officer could not find Harris. The officer learned from dispatch she could have gone inside someone’s apartment. The officer went to the apartment and a male resident said there were a couple of females inside and he agreed to get them for the officer. One of the females came to speak to the officer and was identified as April Herrell, who also had a felony warrant. While speaking with Herrell, it was confirmed Harris was inside the apartment. The officer explained to the apartment’s male resident that he had learned Harris was inside and that he would be charged with harboring a fugitive if he continued to allow her to stay. The resident gave police permission to go inside the apartment and conduct a search. Harris was located hiding behind a couch under some blankets. She was ordered to come out from behind the couch and was escorted out of the apartment and transported to the Darke County Jail, where she was incarcerated with no bond for adult parole authority violations.

On April 22, an officer was called to the 700 block of East Main Street on a report of two suspicious subjects. Upon arriving in the area, officers found two subjects matching the description given by dispatch standing on the east side of Marco’s Pizza. The officer pulled into Marco’s and saw Moranda Smith, who an active bench warrant through the police department for failing to appear for a trial. Smith jumped on a bicycle and began fleeing the area. The officer ordered Smith to stop and she failed to comply. Smith continued westbound through the Marco’s parking lot and then northbound onto Drury Lane. The officer began following Smith and observed her ride across Water Street and through a another parking lot. While following Smith, with the overhead emergency lights activated, the officer sounded the air horn multiple times in an attempt to get her to stop. Smith continued to disregard the officer’s actions and turned westbound onto Memorial Drive. At this time, another officer arrived and began to follow the first officer’s cruiser. The first officer accelerated and passed Smith on the left side and began slowly moving to the right to force her into the grass bank, where it would be harder for her to pedal the bicycle. Once Smith hit the grass she was unable to maintain control and wrecked. She fell to the ground and officers apprehended her. Smith was transported to the police department where her warrant paperwork was picked up and was then transported directly to the Darke County Jail, where she was incarcerated on a $3,025 cash bond or surety. Smith was also cited for failure to comply.

On April 22, two officers were assisting the adult parole authority at 600 E. Main St. when they observed Dwight L. Karnehm walking on Ludlow Street at East Main Street. When he saw the officers, Karnehm began running south bound around a house. One officer went to the rear of the house and Karnehm reversed direction and ran back to the north. The officers split up and when they got to the front of the house, Karnehm had already crossed East Main Street and fled on foot. Karnehm was located and apprehended in the 400 block of Memorial Drive by an adult probation officer. Officers searched Karnehm’s person and property and no contraband was found. His warrant was confirmed for probation violation on the original charge of unauthorized use of a motor vehicle. Karnehm was transported to and incarcerated at the Darke County Jail.

On April 21, an officer observed a known wanted subject, Joshua Sweatt, walk into McDonald’s on Wagner Avenue with his wife. The officer was familiar with the couple due to an incident that took place earlier in the week. The officer also was aware Sweatt had an active warrant from Michigan for a parole violation on the original charge of smuggling contraband into prison. Other officers arrived and when they walked inside McDonald’s, they learned the two had exited through the side door and ran across Wagner Avenue. After a few minutes, the two were located walking on the west side of Arby’s. Officers made contact with Sweatt and informed him there was a warrant for his arrest. He acknowledged that he ran from officers. Sweatt was placed under arrest and handcuffed. Dispatch confirmed the Michigan warrant with full extradition. Darke County jail requested Sweatt be scanned before incarceration due to his original smuggling charge. Two officers transported Sweatt to the Mercer County jail, where he was scanned and no contraband was located. Sweatt was then transported to the Darke County Jail, where he was incarcerated until pick up arrived from Michigan.


The Greenville Police Beat is prepared from public records available at the Greenville Police Department. Every effort is made to balance the public’s right to know with the rights of the individuals involved. Readers are encouraged to contact Greenville Police if they have information or concerns regarding these or any other incidents they see. The Daily Advocate notes all suspects are innocent until proven guilty and welcomes comments and concerns regarding this community service.

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