Eight resign from township fire dept.


GREENVILLE – Matt Kolb, trustee for Greenville Township, stressed that township residents will be covered if an incident occurs. DarkeCountyMedia.com learned that several volunteer firefighters, as well as the volunteer assistant chief, submitted their resignations to the township trustees on Saturday. According to Kolb, eight volunteers that have submitted their resignation could be joined by more in the future.

Kolb would not go into detail, but did say there is a difference in opinion in the way the department is being run. When asked if the rumors were true that the township fire department will disband and the city of Greenville Fire Department would take over, Kolb emphatically stated, “There is no truth to that at all.”

The trustee was unsure of how many volunteers are currently on staff, but pointed out they do have several persons on Greenville Township Rescue that are dual certified. Several years ago Greenville Township Rescue, under the leadership of Steve Wenning, began having some of its members receive firefighter certification in addition to their EMS/paramedic certifications. The goal was to have quicker response times to incidents in the township. The thought was to have one or two firefighters begin rescue operations, set up communications, determine what and who is needed or start putting water on the structure. With Greenville Rescue staffed 24-hours a day, a truck can get to the scene much quicker.

EMS Chief Brian Phillips said, “The township residents continue to receive high quality fire protection. The eight recorded volunteer firefighter resignations will not compromise how long it will take for apparatus to show up to an emergency. The eight volunteers that recently resigned served our community well. We appreciate their years of service.”

Greenville Township Emergency Services now has 10 full time and 13 part time employees who are firefighter certified. There are also 17 volunteer firefighters remaining on the rolls.

In 2016, the trustees began the process of trying to merge Greenville Township Rescue with the Greenville Township Fire Department.

Kolb said the township is working through the current situation but reiterated the residents will be covered. They currently have mutual aid agreements with the city and surrounding departments. “We have plenty of back up and support,” he said.

Greenville Township Emergency Services
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